Fallout 4 Ransacked Relay And Shuddersome Subway Mod Adds New Missions

Bored of Fallout 4? If it feels like all of the glitches and exploration has fallen flat over the past few days or even weeks, there is a new mod to fulfill your adventurous spirit across the wasteland. The mod Ransacked Relay and Shuddersome both come in by modder Trainwiz, who provides screenshots and an introduction trailer for the full scale dungeon quest mod.

While the slow and long wait for official mod support is taking its sweet time, folks across the Commonwealth can preoccupy themselves with a couple of fullscale missions through a dungeon with actual traps and missions to complete.

It’s worth noting that the mod may not function correctly since it is a home-brewed mission for the game, but I’m sure it will work better than some of the main quest in Fallout 4 — like Honest Dan not appearing correctly.

Aside from that, both missions will require players to navigate carefully through the precarious paths and walkways until they face off with the two big bad foes. Leading up to all of this, the mod will feature the Ransacked Relay and Shuddersome locations, which will reward players with a “decent-tier reward.”

In addition, the two bosses named ACRONYM and the Mirelurk Godqueen Deathkiller Supreme, which features their very own attacks and special weaknesses, will also make an appearance to hinder your progress in this mod.

Something that’s also noted in the description of this mod is voice acting. This will span across the options that players will have with other characters, and how the dialog will sync across the various pre-made conversations.

To get a better look at the mod, you can view some of the screenshots that modder Trainwiz posted up.

Fallout 4 Mod Quest By Trainwiz

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And if you want to see some actual moving images in locomotion, you can view the official trailer video that Pastaspace has up on its YouTube channel, showing Ransacked Relay and Shuddersome Subways.

If this mod seems interesting, you can get it like any other mod by unzipping the files and copying them to your data folder. After the mod is loaded up and ready to go, you can find the relay north of Outpost Zimonja, while the subway tunnel can be found south of Poseidon Energy.

Something worth noting, this mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies or affects those two locations. Lastly, the mod also works with the Survival mode and with companions. You can learn more by hitting up nexusmods.com.


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3 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Ransacked Relay And Shuddersome Subway Mod Adds New Missions

  1. I am waiting till mods come to the PS4 to get back into the game. I already completed it and have over 100 hours in it but I want to replay the game at my own pace so I am hoping to become a God and replay as a god from the get go

    1. That is some good thinking right there. Why would anyone want to become a king when you could be a god… a wasteland god.

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