Evoke: Pokemon-style RPG game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Developers Havoc Studios has launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for their new adventure RPG, Evoke.

The cool thing about Evoke is that it plays out very similar to Nintendo’s hit monster training game, Pokemon. The main difference is that you will see your monster trainer and play the trainer at all times while standing on the sidelines and giving commands to your pet. You play as an Evoker, gifted with the power to Banish monsters — a term used in this world to tame and take control of wild monsters.

Evoke takes place in a large big open world that you will be able to explore and adventure through, that will be filled with a variety of original monsters that you will encounter, fight, and eventually tame. You will only be able to have up to five Banished monsters with you at a time, each with their own unique special abilities and skills.

Evoke 2

going back to the classic Pokemon style of gameplay, Evoke’s monsters will only have four active skills at a time that you will be able to teach them. Combat will all take place out on the open world, no special combat zones, however, the actual battles will be turn based so that you can strategize and plan out all of your actions.

Another similar feature to Pokemon, is that you will be able to evolve your monsters and specialize them with specific traits or skills. I’m not entirely sure how this system will work yet and if it will allow appearance customization, or only just skills and abilities, but I am very curious to see Havoc Studio’s take on the monster evolution system.

Evoke will of course have character professions so that you can empower your Banished and tamed beasts with enhanced abilities. You will be able to choose from an alchemist, an Enchanter, and a Jewelcrafter. For now, Evoke is all just in the early development phase, but they did put together two trailers to showcase the world so far, as well as the rough base for their combat system. You can take a look at both of Evoke’s trailers that I linked down below.


Evoke will of course have a main story mode, however, the developers are also looking into options to incorporate online multiplayer into the game. Not only for battles and team play, but also as an online RPG, where players will travel the world together and take down world bosses and explore dungeons. For now, those features for multiplayer are nothing but dreams and wishful thinking because the game first needs funding to complete core gameplay mechanics.

They have a lofty goal of reaching  $202,922 USD for their Kickstarter campaign, and so far they have received $3,000 with about 30 days left to go before the campaign ends. If funding goals go according to plan, they are looking at late 2017 for their final full release date.

It sounds like they have a lot of big plans for this game, so I’ll keep an eye out to see how it comes along in the future. If you are interested in supporting the developers to see more of Evoke in the future, you can visit their Kickstarter Campaign for more information. The developers have also recently submitted their game to Steam Greenlight, so you can follow the provided link to cast your vote.


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2 thoughts on “Evoke: Pokemon-style RPG game Launches Kickstarter Campaign

  1. “you will see your monster trainer and play the trainer at all times
    while standing on the sidelines and giving commands to your pet”

    This sounds like the next gen 3D pokemon experience with engaging gameplay befitting the franchise I expected to play 12 years ago when the Nintendo DS came out and it would have been the logical time for the franchise to naturally evolve into its next form, the way all franchises usually do.

    Good luck to them.

    Nintendo has given up on trying to do anything interesting with the pokemon premise, so someone else will have to.

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