Earthlings: Retro-style RPG Launches Kickstarter campaign

Earthlings is a new retro-style pixel art RPG developed by Cricri Entertainment. The game’s main protagonist is a young woman named Selena, she goes on a scouting mission to the planet ORCUS, where she finds a spaceship that is very similar to the one on her home moon of the Selenites.

Upon returning home, she finds that her people have gone mad with an infection and have began killing themselves off. A group of gaseous beings called the Amenoi, seem to be linked to the deaths, and the Amenoi are now searching the galaxy in search of powerful artifacts that will spell disaster if they obtain them all. Selena is now out to save what’s left of her people and stop the Amenoi before its too late.

That story sounds interesting, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that they were the aliens from the Daft Punk music video series Interstella 5555, something about the character design and story reminded me of it (and that’s not a bad thing).

Gameplay wise, Earthlings does look intriguing. It has a real time battle system similar to games like Legend Of Zelda, where you fight enemies on the map without a battle screen. Players will be able to discover different planets as they travel throughout the galaxy to find more powerful equipment to level up your character.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a roleplaying game if you didn’t meet a few interesting people along the way to help you on your journey, so there will be quests and multiple choice dialogue options. Earthlings isn’t all about combat though, you will also have to solve puzzles and navigate through deadly labyrinths as you venture through space to complete your objectives. The developers at Cricri Entertainment has released two videos, one is a trailer showing a few things Earthlings has to offer, and the second is a gameplay video so that you can see what combat and adventuring is actually like in game. You can watch both videos that I linked down below to see what Earthlings is all about.


Earthlings The Game

Earthlings is a game, sci-fi, adventure click and point and roguelike. In “Earthlings” You will live an adventure that challenges your ability, you will travel through worlds, will fight against the evil forces of other planets. You will visit ancient temples, and you will reveled his secrets, a story that will reveals who are the Earthlings.

If you are interested in supporting the developers, they have started a Steam Greenlight page  and are currently looking to receive enough votes to make it to the official Steam store page. Earthlings also has started a new Kickstarter page in an attempt to raise additional funds to help finish the game and add some shiny new content, you can check that out by following the above link.

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