Dragon Souls: Multiplayer Action Game Now On Steam Greenlight

We need more dragons in our life. Having more Dragon themed games is never a bad thing. Indie developers Avant Games has just published their new game Dragon Souls to Steam Greenlight for approval, and so far I must say that it looks pretty cool from what I have seen.

You play as a powerful dragon, ruler of your own domain, seeking for more wealth and power to expand your own territory. Dragon Souls is a multiplayer PVP strategy game, with the main objective of collecting ancient relics of power. If you gather all of the relics you will be able to claim the throne of the dragon world, thus winning the game and becoming the ruler of all the other lesser dragons.

These relics aren’t just random items you have to collect to win the game, but they also literally give you more power and special abilities. You can then use these powers to help you fight off other enemy dragons. You can only have four relic skills assigned at a time, but it sounds like you will be able to switch them out at any time to create new combat strategies.

It also sounds like the relics will randomize at the start of the play session, so you could have as many as 20 different relics, or as few as 5 different types scattered around the map. This now brings you in direct conflict with the other dragons as you search the world for these relics and fight them off, or die trying to collect them.

To make matters a bit more challenging and exciting, for every relic that you collect you will also alert other dragons to your presence. So the more powerful you become, the more conflict you will have directed your way as the other dragons target you to try and kill you to take your relics for themself.

PVP takes place in the skies, you can use your abilities similar to other MMORPG games with a task bar at the bottom left corner of the screen to quickly assign or use your abilities during combat.

Dragon souls 2

Dragons wouldn’t be dragons without their greed, wealth, and extreme lust for gold. In Dragon Souls, gold is your main source of power. As you fly around and travel the world to collect gold, your dragon will also increase in power, level, and even in size. I thought it was a cool way to incorporate the mythological dragon lore of how they love gold into the game.

Another really cool aspect is that every player (or dragon) will have four tiers of abilities to choose from for their dragon type, with each tier having a variety of different abilities to choose from to help customize your skills and play style. The developers say that they have around 56 unique dragon abilities that you will be able to choose from when the game launches. That’s a lot of variety!

Take a look at the two trailers I linked down below from the Avant Games YouTube channel to see exactly how a Dragon Souls gameplay session works.

I am looking forward to see how Dragon Souls develops and comes together with time. So far, it looks like they have a pretty solid build and concept for a fun dragon themed multiplayer strategy game. If you would like to learn more or cast your vote to support the team, you can visit their Steam Greenlight page for further details. For now, there is no mention of a release date, so keep an eye out for future announcements.


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