DOOM Open Beta For PC, Xbox One And PS4 Set To Start On April 15th

Thirsty fans from the closed beta that Bethesda released for DOOM will get to fight knee-deep in the dead again with DOOM’s Open Beta set for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This means players will get to continue their PvP battles and “Fight Like Hell” on April 15th.

Announced on DOOM’s official Twitter, which will start on April 15th through the 17th at 10:11 A.M., the upcoming Open Beta will take the place of the closed beta across Xbox One, PC and PS4. It will give those who missed out on the previous Beta a chance to bust some spines out of their counterparts, as well as closed beta players an extra glimpse of hell.

Although the single player is still under wraps, which is a good thing for me since it’s building up more anticipation, the multiplayer for the game should be widely understood for those that have been playing the new and different modes in the PvP mode for DOOM.

With that said, a pre-load for the brutal Beta will start ahead of the actual April 15th window so that players can download the game instead of wasting the Open Beta time downloading it, which guarantees the full experience for those looking for it.

DOOM on Twitter

Everyone’s invited: Play the #DOOM Open Beta April 15-17

Adding on to the open beta news, it will feature the modes “Team Deathmatch” and “Warpath” on the stages “Infernal” and “Heatwave.” Looking over to the part that I’m not proud of is the paid DLC. In my opinion, big games like Doom do not need paid DLC or map packs. However, if you are interested in the DLC, folks will get new maps, hack modules, playable demons and new weapons that will cost somewhere around $14.99. There will also be a Season Pass containing all three DLCs for $39.99. Each DLC will come out around and after Doom’s launch.

If you are still interested in the DLC, here’s the first wave’s content:

  • One new weapon
  • One new playable demon
  • One new armor set
  • One new equipment piece
  • Three new maps
  • Hack modules and emotes
  • New colors and patterns.

DOOM is currently in its beta stage for folks to test the PvP modes, and will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on May 13th.

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