Destiny’s Year One Venus Invisible Glitch Now Works On Mars

Currently out now for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4, players in Destiny will be able to go invisible while at the same time activating friendly fire. The glitch currently works on Mars, and is similar to the same glitch on Venus that was discovered a while back.

On Mars, you will see some boxes stacked on top of each other under a canopy that has a hole in it. If done correctly, you will be able to jump up inside it and travel around. This is the first part of the glitch that lets you go invisible.

The second part is to travel around in the rafters until you make it to a part where you will need to jump over some ledges that have four prongs sticking out of the floor, which can be seen at 1:34 in the video. There should be another ledge in front of you that if you jump over you will be able to get a checkpoint. Upon reaching the checkpoint, head back up over the ledge to continue the process.

Go back past the four prongs sticking out of the floor to another ledge that you will need to balance on. Turn over to the side until you are notified to return back to the field, keep moving forward until you die. This should spawn you near an Axis Minotaur where you should be invisible to all enemies.

You can see a full step-by-step video guide that YouTuber, NvUs Gaming made, which shows the rafter jumping to the invisible roaming.

Destiny New invisible GLITCH found and can kill your team mates

While you are invisible you can kill your team mates by hitting them or using your super on them and no one can see you not even then enemy can even see you, Plz help me hit 10 likes for this cool video and until next time 😛

It’s worth noting that it will not work with killing random people passing through, nor will it work in other areas with enemies not seeing you. Also, your teammates will see a glitched version of you that will flicker, stay in one pose or sometimes go completely invisible.

Other than going invisible and farming around Mars or trolling your teammates, this glitch won’t really net you anything significant, unless you want to travel around unseen fighting stuff. Even still, it’s a nice little something-something for people bored with Destiny who wanted to try out something new in the game in a different area.


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