Dark Storm: Ascension Seeks To Finish Development Using Patreon

Indie developers Fenrir Studios have decided to finish off the development of Dark Storm: Ascension through the crowd-funding platform, Patreon.

They recently announced the alternative funding method following the game’s original Kickstarter run back in 2013. The game managed to acquire some small funds before heading to Steam Greenlight in 2014 to receive some additional support. The title was Greenlit to appear on Steam and Fenrir Studios managed to launch an Early Access rendition of Dark Storm.

The game will stay in Early Access throughout most of 2016 as they convert the game over from the Unreal Development Kit (which was based on Unreal Engine 3) to Unreal Engine 4.

The press release explains exactly what it is gamers will be funding through the Patreon, stating…

“Those who pledge to the Dark Storm: Ascension Patreon campaign will be directly contributing to development of the game, with the first goal being the implementation of an ambitious adaptive music system, achievable when contribution reached $100 a month. Subsequent goals focus on marketing costs, hiring staff for longer hours and investing in better motion capture technology.”

Gamers who pledge will receive exclusive updates and screenshots, a key for the Dark Storm: VR Missions and a copy of Dark Storm: Ascension when it fully releases.

At the moment the Early Access version has mixed reviews, some of which are negative due to the lack of polish, bugs and limited game modes available for $9.99.

Dark Storm is basically like a third-person revival of the Perfect Dark and Winback style of espionage stealth gameplay. Players can disarm enemies, use cover and sneak around the environment to get the drop on villains.

You can check out the Early Acces page for more info, or visit the Patreon page if you feel the game is worth the funding effort. When the game is finally finished, they plan on selling it for $20 on Steam.


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2 thoughts on “Dark Storm: Ascension Seeks To Finish Development Using Patreon

  1. aint that the game that the devs agree with the sjw gaming press?

    Serves them right failing, now they will set up a patreon and cry harassment.

  2. No that’s Rust. This team hasn’t dealt with SJW in anyway. This article has a few wrong bits of information as well.

    1) You wont get a free copy of the game right out for supporting them. You can see what you get on their Patreon.
    2) They have nothing to do with SJW..
    3) They said you’d get Dark Storm: Ascension not free but with a partial % off if you bought Darkstorm VR Missions.

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