City Of The Shroud Tactical RPG Revisits Legend Of Legaia’s Combat

Abyssal Arts have recently announced that their Kickstarter for City of the Shroud has managed to surpass its funding goal. The initial goal of $14,000 has been met and then some within just nine days, and now the developers are looking to expand into hitting those stretch goals.

The one thing that lured me into checking out the game was that while it’s yet another tactical RPG designed in the same vein as classics like Fire Emblem, Advanced Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics, it’s also combo-focused. Yes, players are able to engage with opponents and do damage based on executing a series of combo attacks against opponents, just like Sony’s legend of Legaia.

To help give gamers an idea of what the gameplay is like and the sort of direction they’re taking the game, Abyssal Arts released a trailer for City of the Shroud that you can check out below.

In addition to having a pretty cool combat concept, the game will also feature heavy choice-focused narratives that span four episodes. Each episode will be based on the player’s decision throughout the rest of the game, culminating in a narrative that will conclude based on those choices. I hate to beat the bloody, dried pulp of what remains of a dead horse, but it’s sort of like what BioWare promised for Mass Effect 3.

Sorry for the lemon on the wounds.

Anyway, the game will feature online PvP modes as well, so gamers who get bored going against the AI can test their wits and mettle against other players online. One of the more exciting features planned for the game is mod support. Players will be able to alter and customize the appearance of their units to fit their preferred artistic aesthetic.

The story is being penned by indie author Moira Katson, best known for the Shadowborn series and The Alien Chronicles.

It sounds like they have a real grasp on what they want out of this game. It’s nice to see that indie developers are continuing on what the AAA studios used to make back in the day… you know, when companies made fun games instead of credit card-eating, microtransaction-laced, gambling simulators masquerading as poorly optimized “cinematic” experiences that barely hit 30fps on home consoles. But I digress.

City of the Shroud has already managed to make it past the Greenlight phase of development after being approved by the community and given the thumbs up from Valve. At this point they’re wrapping up their Kickstarter, which still has two weeks left, as of writing of this article.

Given that the game is putting a lot into the combat system it’s easy to see how old-school gamers would be excited about it. But for those of you who don’t remember what Legend of Legaia played like on the PSX, here’s an old video from Stan Burdman that gives you nice little look at the awesome combat system that defined the game’s legacy.

Abyssal Arts has plans on launching the game in February of 2017 next year. If you want to help bring this game to life or contribute to the cause, feel free to check out the game’s Kickstarter page or add it to your wishlist over on Steam.


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