Chronicle Of Ruin Seeks To Revive Ogre Battle’s Tactical RPG Gameplay

A lot of various trends, genres and sub-genres in gaming have gone dormant over the years. Indie developers have been seeking to revive and restore those long forgotten games with new IP that borrow from the classics, inspiring an all new generation of gaming. In this particular case, Andrew Silverman and Dusty Games’ Chronicle of Ruin is a 16-bit style tactical RPG designed as an homage to Ogre Battle.

The game sees players commanding multiple units in large scale battles against the opposition. While it’s described as Ogre Battle meets Final Fantasy VI, I suppose a more accurate description just might be that it’s similar in setup and style to Bahamut Lagoon… maybe?

Anyway, players will have various units at their disposal as they take on various other forces in army-versus-army, team-versus-team style throwdowns with some tactical real-time map control and turn-based battle sequences

You can see what the gameplay looks like in the trailer below, which is cut together really nicely.

Chronicle of Ruin – Kickstarter Trailer

Now on Kickstarter at ! * * Follow at * Chronicle of Ruin is a real-time tactical JRPG that blends the strategic depth and large-scale army command of TRPGs with classic JRPG features and real-time elements to create an exciting new game unlike anything that’s come before it.

Players will assume the role of Rugar, as he and his traveling companions attempt to stop the spread of a curse that has brought the land to ruin and war.

Chronicle of Ruin sees the use of overworld maps that also double down as tactical combat maps. Each squad will consist of a team of five units, and it will be up to players to maximize on the team and units’ proficiency. In the actual battle sequences it’s very much like Bahamut Lagoon where different units will have specialty skills that can be utilized to take down foes. There will be pros and cons to each unit class and it will be up to players to determine how to best utilize them during combat.

Yes, Chronicle of Ruin will be one of those layered role-playing games where learning to master the different elements and mechanics will benefit you in the long run for attaining success.

The game is currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter with a goal of $36,000. Due to a rash of failed Kickstarters in recent times, as well as those where the creators made bank and took off running with the money, even creator Andrew Silverman knows that asking for money in today’s climate is a risk. Nevertheless, Silverman believes that the game can be completed for the requested amount and that the finished product can be up and out by the middle of 2017.

Chronicle of Ruin will support multiple classes, upgrades, class-changes and even unit-based micromanagement. If you’ve been itching for a new Ogre Battle-style game for today’s generation of gaming, you can learn more about this indie title by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page.


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