Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears, Steam Greenlight Game Releases Playable Tech Demo

Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears is developed by 2B Games, and is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for votes to help them get approved for the official Steam Store.

As the name implies, Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears, is about a small boy and the manifestation of his worst fears and nightmares coming to life during the night. You follow the boy and his daily life, witnessing the growing problems within his household, and how those lingering problems affects the boy’s life and intensifies his fears and night terrors.

Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears is a psychological, horror adventure game filled with puzzles and moral choices, as well as a non-linear story with multiple branching plotlines for you to follow and explore based on your choices. Child Phobia: Nightcoming Fears appears to take place within the boy’s house and possibly his backyard, but I’m not sure if you will go any farther than that in the finished product.

child fear

I did download and play their tech demo that they released to see what the game was like, and for the most part, I did like the concept and the children storybook visual art style they had going, but I wasn’t too fond of the jumpscares and the boy’s tediously slow walking speed. I hope they fix up his animations a bit and increase his walking speed just so that it doesn’t feel so slow.

Although, I will say that from what I have played and seen, the jumpscares were mild and quite subtle in comparison to other horror games I have played in the past, so I hope they focus on story and atmosphere to create a scary environment and not pop-out moments to spook you for a few seconds. The theme of phobia and the little I pieced together with the story does seem interesting, so they did grab my attention to want to see more. You can watch the Gameplay trailer that I linked down below to see a bit of the gameplay for yourself.

If you are interested in supporting them on their Steam Greenlight page you can follow the provided link to read more, as well as follow their Tech demo link if you would like to download and play a bit of the game for yourself.


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