Bravely Second: End Layer Now Available In North America

After being available in Japan since last April in 2015, Bravely Second: End Layer has finally made its way to North American shores. The game is currently available right now for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game is available right now from participating retailers or the Nintendo eShop, where you can pick up the game for $39.99 for the standard version and $69.99 for the Collector’s Edition.

The game is a classic party-adventure title with turn-based combat, customizable armor and weapons, and various jobs that players can assign to the party members. There’s a brief two minute overview trailer that rolls out the important details on the gameplay and character variety that you can check out below.

TechnoBuffalo notes that Bravely Second may have a rough uphill battle to overcome because the series didn’t fare too well when it launched in Japan last year. In fact, they note that the second game sold 30% less in its opening week compared to the first game, marking a significant dropoff in sales interest for Bravely Second in its home territory.

Given the recent localization woes and the push for censorship in the West – affecting things like Bravely Second’s job classes and artbook – it’s going to be another tough sell for some gamers who have become staunchly averse to the Social Justice Warriors that advocate for the implementation of censorship and cultural appropriation in Japanese video games.

Sadly, the influence of the West and the whole homogenization of cultural diversification is beginning to affect Japan. In fact, the developers of Star Ocean 5 have defended why they must censor the game and make sure it appeals to the Western crybabies as if they’re some kind of apprehensive parent who must bow to the whims of an incessantly crying baby, forfeiting their independence instead of putting a pacifier in the kid’s mouth and spending the rest of the evening at Ignite’s Gaming Lounge.

Anyway, Bravely Second: End Layer is available right now for the Nintendo 3DS. The game has a lot of promise, and anyone who enjoys classic turn-based JRPG titles will likely take a liking to Silicon Studios and Square’s latest release.

You can pick up a copy of the game from participating retailers or online e-tailers.


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One thought on “Bravely Second: End Layer Now Available In North America

  1. SJWs/feminists whining and crying is one thing, but I’ve always said that the other main problem are the companies that decide to fucking cave in and pander to them. And it keeps on fucking happening, which of course, sets the precedent.

    Another problem is of course, the localization teams. Based on the recent situation of and staff comment from Nintendo’s Treehouse, etc., there is evidence to suggest that the Japanese really do just chuck the game and source code to them and let them ‘localize’ as they see fit, without any progress and regulation checks from the Eastern developers.

    The fact that some of these Japanese developers seem to be hard to reach for the concerned gamers is also a problem as well. And there’s the language barrier as well.

    Truly heading into some dark times for the video game industry now. I saw this coming once video games got popular and went mainstream. The days of the SNES/Mega Drive/PS1/Saturn/PS2/Dreamcast were so good…

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