Blizzard Changes Tracer’s Pose In Overwatch To A Pin-Up Pose

So after all the fuss over Tracer’s butt being problematic in the first-person shooter Overwatch, Blizzard’s compromise was to overhaul her victory stance to be more… lasciviously playful.

PCGamesN rolled out the news about Overwatch’s latest update, which includes the new pose for Tracer. The old pose had her looking over her shoulder with her back to the camera, highlighting her curves and figure. Other characters also have the exact same pose, fit to their somatic builds, of course.

Well, after receiving complaints from individuals who claimed that the original pose turned Tracer into a sex symbol, Blizzard went back to the drawing board to create a new pose for Tracer, which is conveniently based on a classic pin-up pose. Check it out in the image below, with the comparison coming from Twitter user Mahoumelonball.

Overwatch - Tracer Pose

It’s completely playful and still very flirty, just like that dad asked for in his original post on… right?

I think it’s hilarious that the inspiration from the pose is an actual sexualized pin-up poster. It lets you know where game director Jeff Kaplan and the rest of Blizzard’s minds were when they came up with the pose… obviously not role models for eight-year-old girls, unless the new in-thing is to grow up to be a pin-up model? I’m sure those leaning heavily in the red when it comes to political correctness wouldn’t like that one bit.

I’m also curious to see how the original poster, Fipps, who asked Blizzard to remove the pose, would respond to seeing his daughter’s favorite role model literally mimicking a pin-up pose? Then again, maybe he should have his daughter looking to role-models suited for her age that aren’t mass murderers.

And just for research purposes, here’s the image of the original victory pose where the user Fipps complained that it was too sexual for Tracer.


For anyone who was angered about the possibility of Tracer being “toned down” to meet the standards of being a safe role model for an eight-year-old can at least take solace in knowing that Blizzard still has a sense of humor, still wants to keep Tracer playful, and still enjoys that butt. This one is for your Blizzard.

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But wait… there’s more!

It’s not really all that important, just the actual patch notes about Symmetra getting nerfed because she’s too strong and wins way too many of her matches. They’ve fixed a metric ton of bugs, as well as ironed out spectator mode for all the money-making possibilities that come along with Overwatch becoming e-sports ready.

Oh yeah, and they also added in a bunch of legendary skins for the characters. An imgur album was posted up so you can check out what the new skins look like on the characters. The only one that really looked righteous to me was Reinhardt’s. That ivory lion armor looks pretty epic. He also seems like he comes right out of a high-level zone in World of Warcraft.

New overwatch skins (4/5/2016)

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Beyond all of this stuff, there’s also a 12 minute video covering all of the new features introduced in the patch… even though the only thing most thirsty fans were concerned about was Tracer’s butt. Even still, if you actually do care about game balance, the new competitive modes, the spectator mode and the nerfs that some of the characters underwent, you can see how Jeff Kaplan walks gamers through each of the new features in the video below.

Developer Update | Introducing Competitive Play | Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan shares details about Competitive Play, a new mode recently added to the Closed Beta for testing (previously referred to as “Ranked Play”). Learn more about the goals for Competitive Play, how the system works in beta right now, and how it will work once the game is released.

Overwatch is still undergoing beta testing at the moment and is scheduled to launch next month on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting May 24th. The real question is: will all of those individuals who cancelled their pre-orders reverse that decision knowing that Tracer went from a playful pixie to a pin-up playgirl?

(Main image courtesy of Elvine)


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