Blizzard Changes Tracer’s Pose In Overwatch To A Pin-Up Pose

So after all the fuss over Tracer’s butt being problematic in the first-person shooter Overwatch, Blizzard’s compromise was to overhaul her victory stance to be more… lasciviously playful.

PCGamesN rolled out the news about Overwatch’s latest update, which includes the new pose for Tracer. The old pose had her looking over her shoulder with her back to the camera, highlighting her curves and figure. Other characters also have the exact same pose, fit to their somatic builds, of course.

Well, after receiving complaints from individuals who claimed that the original pose turned Tracer into a sex symbol, Blizzard went back to the drawing board to create a new pose for Tracer, which is conveniently based on a classic pin-up pose. Check it out in the image below, with the comparison coming from Twitter user Mahoumelonball.

Overwatch - Tracer Pose

It’s completely playful and still very flirty, just like that dad asked for in his original post on… right?

I think it’s hilarious that the inspiration from the pose is an actual sexualized pin-up poster. It lets you know where game director Jeff Kaplan and the rest of Blizzard’s minds were when they came up with the pose… obviously not role models for eight-year-old girls, unless the new in-thing is to grow up to be a pin-up model? I’m sure those leaning heavily in the red when it comes to political correctness wouldn’t like that one bit.

I’m also curious to see how the original poster, Fipps, who asked Blizzard to remove the pose, would respond to seeing his daughter’s favorite role model literally mimicking a pin-up pose? Then again, maybe he should have his daughter looking to role-models suited for her age that aren’t mass murderers.

And just for research purposes, here’s the image of the original victory pose where the user Fipps complained that it was too sexual for Tracer.


For anyone who was angered about the possibility of Tracer being “toned down” to meet the standards of being a safe role model for an eight-year-old can at least take solace in knowing that Blizzard still has a sense of humor, still wants to keep Tracer playful, and still enjoys that butt. This one is for your Blizzard.

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But wait… there’s more!

It’s not really all that important, just the actual patch notes about Symmetra getting nerfed because she’s too strong and wins way too many of her matches. They’ve fixed a metric ton of bugs, as well as ironed out spectator mode for all the money-making possibilities that come along with Overwatch becoming e-sports ready.

Oh yeah, and they also added in a bunch of legendary skins for the characters. An imgur album was posted up so you can check out what the new skins look like on the characters. The only one that really looked righteous to me was Reinhardt’s. That ivory lion armor looks pretty epic. He also seems like he comes right out of a high-level zone in World of Warcraft.

New overwatch skins (4/5/2016)

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Beyond all of this stuff, there’s also a 12 minute video covering all of the new features introduced in the patch… even though the only thing most thirsty fans were concerned about was Tracer’s butt. Even still, if you actually do care about game balance, the new competitive modes, the spectator mode and the nerfs that some of the characters underwent, you can see how Jeff Kaplan walks gamers through each of the new features in the video below.

Developer Update | Introducing Competitive Play | Overwatch

Game director Jeff Kaplan shares details about Competitive Play, a new mode recently added to the Closed Beta for testing (previously referred to as “Ranked Play”). Learn more about the goals for Competitive Play, how the system works in beta right now, and how it will work once the game is released.

Overwatch is still undergoing beta testing at the moment and is scheduled to launch next month on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC starting May 24th. The real question is: will all of those individuals who cancelled their pre-orders reverse that decision knowing that Tracer went from a playful pixie to a pin-up playgirl?

(Main image courtesy of Elvine)


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38 thoughts on “Blizzard Changes Tracer’s Pose In Overwatch To A Pin-Up Pose

  1. Nice save. I have to wonder, what they would have done if there was no backlash when they removed the pose initially?

    1. They said they had a pose in mind that they really wanted to use. Which still sounds stupid to me. If they liked it so much, they could have just added it to the game instead of replacing an existing pose.

      1. They said they had a pose in mind that they really wanted to use. Which still sounds stupid to me.

        The sceptic in me thinks that this is an indication that the whole thing may have been a set-up by Blizzard in the first place to gather and gain attention towards their game.

        Which if true, then Blizzard have done a great job.

      2. “There were some people on our development team who were not comfortable with the pose”

        “The Tracer debate was already going on internally”

        That’ll explain why they had the alternate pose ready.

        Fucking hell. So some over-sensitive little prick(s) within the company get uncomfortable with the pose, turns it into a major meeting for discussion and it gets removed.

        This is even worse now. If what Jeff Kaplan in the video says is true, then this is virtually self-censorship with within. The Fipps’ forum thread was just the perfect excuse for the internal whiners to use and point their finger at Kaplan, and also for Kaplan to use as the excuse to the fans to remove the pose (assuming Fipps isn’t Blizzard pretending to be a fan).

        So it seems now that even if Fipps’ didn’t make the complaint, the pose would’ve been changed anyway. Because some sensitive little fuckwit got triggered within the staff.

        God I despise SJWs.

        “I think it’s very important that everybody understands that Overwatch as a game, as a universe, as part of Blizzard, is important to us that it’s very inclusive”

        For the millionth fucking time, how in God’s name on fucking earth, heaven and hell does a trivial pose exclude players from the fucking game?

        Does the pose ban women from purchasing and playing the game or something?

        What nation of prudes the West has become when it comes to female bodies. Jesus wept.

      3. As for the internal “discussion”, I wonder if it went like this?

        Jeff: “So what should we do with Tracer’s pose guys?”

        SJW: “It’s making me uncomfortable so I think we should change it. I think we should respect this character as a woman.”

        Feminist: “Yeah I agree, there’s too much sexualization of women in video games as it is.”

        Male Staff: “Well I actually like it, I think it suits Tracer’s character, it empowers her as a gun-wielding shooter as well as offering a hint of her female sexuality.”

        SJW/Feminist: “Misogynist.”

        Jeff: “We shall change the pose! Meeting over!”

    1. I can only agree. But you know what would be better? To stay to the game as it is, no matter what people call it. But those devs nowadays don’t have a spine anymore.

      About Blizzard… I can only say “This whole act was completely unnecessary and a really horrible April Fool joke”. The old pose was better, the new one looks so ridiculous.

      1. The old pose was better, the new one looks so ridiculous.

        Well according to Jeff Kaplan himself in the video Dizzy Gear posted, it was changed to make it more “inclusive”.

        You know because obviously a single trivial pose in the game somehow completely bans parents and women buying it.

      2. Especially when he said:

        “We weren’t entirely happy with the original pose, it was always one that we wrestled with creatively. That the pose had been called into question from an appropriateness standpoint by players in our community did help influence our decision—getting that kind of feedback is part of the reason we’re holding a closed beta test—but it wasn’t the only factor. We made the decision to go with a different pose in part because we shared some of the same concerns, but also because we wanted to create something better.“

        I call shenanigans!

      3. Putting on a small tin foil hat, I’m suspecting now that he wasn’t lying about the plan to change the pose and just saw what he believed to be an easy way to earn a few PR points with the “progressive” crowd by pretending to bow to Fipps post.

        Planned or not though, Blizzard still handled the controversy like goddamn pros, even doing what very few do and calmly apologizing for misstatements about GamerGate when called out.

        Given how reasonably and calmly he managed to surf the backlash and the sheer amount of attention that was focused on Overwatch, it was fairly win-win for Blizzard. They get to say they changed the pose due to shared concerns for inclusivity and empowerment, still provide a cheesecake pose for the Tracer waifu-fags, and to most people appear to be a calm and reasonable center of a huge shitstorm.

      4. If this was just a PR job, then I have even less respect for Blizzard for such a slimy action.

  2. It looks too try hard going for the “playfull” look, to the point that it just looks stupid and notice they did remove the visibility of the but considerably, even compared to the pinup used as reference above.

    It’s an over the shoulders view so of course she will pose from behind but it does look like they went out of their way as much as possible to show neither shape nor a full shot of her butt.

    I think people are desperate to “win” the situation so now they are seeing what they want to see, maybe that was the idea all along, to give something that would let everyone think that.

    In the end of the day I am still putting this under the “screwed for the moral police” category.

    But glad they nerfed Symmetra, it was long overdue.

    1. Yeah I agree it tries too hard. The pose looks really awkward IMO. They only way they would have really won is if they just kept the old pose and added this one.

      This quote from really sums up the whole situation:

      If you are the sort of organization that would immediately cave, (or worse, has caved) before a single SJW pointing-and-shrieking racist, or sexist, or goblinist, or geometrist, or whatever the complaint du jour is, you cannot expect people to take you seriously when you suddenly stand firm against tens of thousands of ordinary gamers expressing their disapproval of your design choices.

      1. Well, that’s because the mainstream media continously reports and portrays gamers to be the lowest of the lowest scum, consisting of male murderers, male rapists, male haters, male bullies, male [insert something negative].

  3. I find the new pose less sexy than the original one.

    Turning Tracer sideways (or adding extra clothing) would’ve been the only way to avoid her entire ass and figure being shown in an ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ pose.

    There seems to be quite a few people who think that just because her new pose is based on a sexy pin-up image it automatically makes it sexier. Well for me it’s not about the concept of being based on the sexy pin-up image, it’s about what Tracer actually looks like in the new pose. And to me, it’s definitely less sexier. (I admit her more defined and rounded asscheeks are nice though).

    Is it a ‘fuck you’ to SJWs? Maybe. Personally I think that the pose is done to cater to both sides (more so to the GG side), but I can tell you that the real ‘fuck you’ to SJWs would be keeping the original pose.

    Even if one likes the new pose better and finds it sexier, the fact is that Blizzard caved in to the SJWs/feminists and changed the pose. We should never forget that.

  4. If you want to facepalm yourself into a headache, visit the KotakuInAction-forums and watch all the idiots there celebrating this as a some kind of unanimous Gamergate victory.

    I cannot fucking stand the KotakuInAction-guys. Bunch of fucking sixteen-year-olds.

    1. You know, arguments are a whole lot more convincing when you provide reasoning to them instead of just being emotional and attacking people.

      1. What “convincing”? Read the fucking forums. It’s exactly what I’m talking about, and cringe-worthy as always.

      2. “Ok, you got me, I fell for it, you’re a troll account.”

        And the mental gymnastics continue, I see.

        Christ. You people are fucking walking parodies of yourselves.

      3. You have to make mental gymnastics when the other side makes no sense at all.

        Your argument is so far an emotional one. You believe KiA is idiot because they were celebrating it as some GG victory, while that in itself is no self-evident proof of stupidity as a celebration is just that, a celebration. You have to reason why you find that particular case is stupid but you provide no REASON why that is stupid, you just provide your reaction to it (you want to facepalm, it’s cringeworthy, you find immature, it’s all your own emotional response, but no reasoning why).

        I guess you find stupid because can’t see a logical reasoning to why that would be a victory to GG, but you never provide a reasoning to that, you just act as if it was self-evident truth when it’s clearly not, Self-evident truths have to be axioms, not logical conclusions. One cognitive object might feel self-evident to you but only because it’s based on your own personal assumptions, not on logical axioms.

        Se please, explain yourself.

    2. Most GamerGate people are still naive as hell. They celebrate every tiny little “victory” on the forefront, while continuing to ignore the huge major problems overshadowing everything.

      All of this nonsense is just the tips of leaves on the ends of branches. It’s not going to stop until they focus more on the roots of the problem. But people in general won’t react until something affects them personally, otherwise they can’t relate. And by then, it is way too late.

    3. KiA is allot more organized than GG threads on 8chan so it has value. But it could do with less e-celeb and NeoGAF/Ghazi/Twitter bullshit.

      Something died inside when a call to look further into this barely got any attention on KiA. I mean this involves Atlus who always were a little shady when it comes to marketing IMO.
      Like every time an Atlus game was released there were always at least 3 follow-up articles on Siliconera with the writer raving about a character or gameplay element in said released game.

      1. KiA didn’t follow up on a lot of important things. Doesn’t help that assholes are probably actively misdirecting them on purpose.

  5. Perfect. Don’t give in to these idiots. Make your own game and stop using children as shields for political propaganda. This game has people murdering each other for fucks sake.

    1. The other one honestly looked more “battle-ready” and “gun-toting”.
      This one looks more like she’s ready to go traipsing through a field of unheroic flowers and leap gleefully and tropetastically into the toxic arms of her patriarchal woman-hating oppressive male partner like the sex object she has been forcefully portrayed as against her fictional will.

  6. The main problem is the way the dev handled this. He listened to 1 person while ignore 100s who were against the change. This could have been as simple as just adding a new pose and keeping the old.

  7. In all likelihood Blizzard are trying to backpedal and appease both sides of the argument here but that pose will still be causing sharp pains in the outrage filled hearts of SJW’s.

    I can understand preferring the old pose but take a little solace in knowing the new one still burns those boring twats.

  8. Hah, I was (sorta) right.

    This new pose is more sexy, still shows her butt, has her bending her leg, and she is playful while not bending over.

    I think real gamers will be ok with this. The real upset was Blizzard kowtowing to SJWs. This new pose shows they didn’t. Tyler Valle (youtube) was right. They were lazy and had basic poses for many characters that weren’t finished.

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