Blameless, Story-Driven Puzzle Game Looking For Greenlight Approval

The developer, Mr. Blameless, has decided to make his game, called Blameless, free to play upon release, since he created it as a hobby project on his free time.

Blameless is an indie first person adventure game, with an open-ended story. The game focuses on the story about an architect that takes on a job to finish up on a housing project. The story trailer is interesting, because the story says that you can explore the house and look around, but you also aren’t trapped, you can leave.

The fact that you can leave sets an interesting tone to the game, making Blameless sound like a different type of horror adventure game. Is this a horror game? I’m not entirely sure. The trailer showcases a mysterious shadow man that is walking around the premises of the house and begins chasing after the protogists, but it isn’t clear what is really going on. Another part of the trailer says that there was blood inside the house, suggesting that a murder may have taken place.

Blameless 2

With the mystery set in place, players will have to navigate and find their way around the house to figure out what is going on. Some of the key features are logical and realistic puzzles that you will have to solve, but there are also alternative ways to solve certain puzzles, which means you could play the game twice and complete the puzzles in different ways.

I’m not sure how complex the puzzles will be, but the realistic scenario of finishing a house and having a strange man show up could give a good scare without adding in over the top horror elements. The last part that makes the game sound interesting is the police dialogue that plays in the video, that suggests no one else was on the property’s premises. Is the protagonist being framed for murder? Is he really Blameless? Or has he gone insane and committed the crimes himself? Take a look at the Blameless trailer to see what the game is all about.

Blameless v1.0 Trailer

Download at

For now, the developer is looking for Steam Greenlight approval so that the game can be an official Steam game, however, if he sticks to his original marketing plan, the game will be free to download and play. He says that he is simply doing it to make a name for himself for future projects. If you would like to learn more and support the dev, or download the IndieDB version of the game, you can check out his IndieDB page for additional details.

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