Black Desert Online Set To Have Playable Dark Elves, New Areas And More

Korean developer Pearl Abyss recently announced at a press conference some new plans that they have for the MMORPG Black Desert Online. The future content that will arrive to both the Korean and western version of the game will add playable dark elves, new areas and more.

Catching wind from DualShocker who reported from publication site Inven, the MMORPG Black Desert Online will gain some pretty cool features in the near future thanks to some screenshots. Like most MMO games, the Korean version will be ahead of the western version and will get the new updates first, which will follow a few months later to the west.

Looking over to the first major update is a new “Ocean” segment that will be introduced, and will see constant updates with different water-based content. Noted to be like the desert of Valencia (which isn’t in the western version), the new ocean area won’t let players use their maps to navigate around, meaning that players will have to find other ways around the vast ocean.

According  to the devs, there will also be some special contents lying around the coastal areas, which will be accompanied by undersea exploration. On the other side of the ocean, folks will be able to uncover an unknown continent that will be “Huge,” giving both high levels and newcomers something to uncover.

And for those that like to fish, a new signal will help them out with seagulls flying around applicable areas for fishing. The devs also mentioned that new sea life will make their way into the game, along with new life activities in the ocean.

Black Desert Online will also treat its players to a new sea battle system with warships and guild houses. This will also be accompanied by trading ships and ocean trading. So if you’re into boat raiding and sailing the seas as a guild, folks should see that in the upcoming months.

But those that aren’t excited about the seas will be able to see the Ninja and Kunoichi get their own awakening weapons, which aren’t in the western version yet. This will let Ninjas dual wield multiple swords, and allow the Kunoichi to use a giant Chakram with special animations for the weapon.

Speaking of classes, the Wizard and Witch will get their awakened weapons coming in the form of the golems and spirits. This will grant Wizards fire and water, and Witches earth and electricity. However, these features are said to come a little further in the future due to fixing kinks and implementation time.

Looking over to more characters and classes, the dark elves will make an appearance as playable characters, along with their nature-like town — Kamasilve. Acting with very precise and agile movement, the new class will have some similarities to the Ranger, and will use magic as a secondary along with a very aggressive fighting style. I’m not sure when they’ll be coming, but they might arrive in the next major update.

In addition to this, folks will also find new tier 9 horses in the game that will have better stats compared to tier 1-8 horses. These will be broken down into the hell horse who wields fire, the Pegasus that will gain access to higher places with ease, and the unicorn that grants its rider buffs. You will be able to get them through breeding, and through alternate ways that will most definitely include following quests.

With that said, you can check out some of the new screenshots that were posted up by Inven

Black Desert Online

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The MMO game will also feature in-game voice chat, a new overhaul with the skill awakening system, a new co-op system, and a bounty hunter and wanted system too. Black Desert Online is out now for PC, which you can learn more about the game by hitting up

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