Black Desert Online Berserker Class Revealed In New Screenshots

Although Black Desert Online came out around two months ago for western players, the devs will be celebrating its eastern first year anniversary on May 8th, which adds some new content and fixes some problems with EXP and monetary gain.

Adding on to the big pool of content, folks will finally get the awakening weapon for the Berserker class that allows for alternate devastating attacks while on the field at level 56. Not only is this accompanied with a different move set, the Berserker also sports Mega Man’s hand cannon.

In addition to this, Daum Games Europe and Pearl Abyss also added the much awaited classes Musa and Maehwa. Both of these classes are inspired of course by ancient Korean warriors and legends, which they utilize the sword and short bow and showcase a different sense of skill, and thus changes the gameplay.

You can check out all of the content noted above in the screenshots below, which also reveal different armor, classes and places.

Black Desert Online New Class

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Adding on to the new content up until May 4th (which is active now), existing players who log in will be rewarded with the “Seal of Maehwa.” If you don’t know what that is, an icon at the bottom right corner will pop up and show seals that you can arrange that will grant you special bonuses.

Once you are done clicking on the plus sign you will be granted the content below:

  • Three seals: Two Blackstone – Armor
  • Six seals: Three Blackstone – Weapon
  • Nine seals: Five Fragment of – Memory
  • 12 seals: Four Blackstone – Armor, six Blackstone – Weapon, 10 Fragment of Memory, and one pet Hawk.

Lastly, a big list of changes and bug fixes also surfaced up alongside the new features for the PC game. These fixes include trade prices, EXP gain, enemies and much more. If you want to see the full list of patch notes and fixes for Black Desert Online, you can hit up


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