Beholder: Play As A Master Spy In Espionage Point-And-Click Game

Big Brother is watching… developers Warm Lamp Games has taken that concept and has created this point-and-click adventure game, Beholder.

I really love the art style and visual appearance of Beholder, the art team did a fantastic job setting the tone of the story without using a single drop of verbal dialogue in the below story trailer. The bigger twist, is that you play as the spy that must snoop into the everyday lives of the residents that live around you. This is a really cool concept that plays on the theme of stopping potential uprisings and retaining control of the citizens, while also raising the moral questions of if your job is really the right thing to do?


In Beholder, players will have the choice of helping the citizens, or sticking to their job to spy, extort, and sneak around to learn what they are up to. You will have the power to look through peep holes, set up cameras, snoop through the belongings of suspicious individuals, confiscate contraband content, and call in the authorities to arrest anyone that defies to follow the rules, giving you everything you need to watch and control those who choose to disobey.

The developers however give you the choice to use all of that power to also liberate those who seek to have freedom and to help them. With great power comes great responsibility, but will you use it to follow your orders, or help those in need? This is what really makes the concept so cool.

Beholder will also have multiple choice dialogue options, as well as the freedom to explore the apartment complex to perform your duties. In total, Beholder will have around ten different endings, all based on your actions and how you interact with the other citizens around you. You can watch both the official Beholder announcement trailer and the gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

Beholder is currently seeking votes for Steam Greenlight, and is also running a new Kickstarter Campaign to receive additional funding for their game. If you are interested and would like to learn more, you can follow the provided links above to learn more for additional details about the game and story.


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