Atlas Reactor Closed Beta Starts April 14th

A new MOBA action game is on the way from Trion Worlds called Atlas Reactor. The new game is currently undergoing open alpha testing but they plan on entering into closed beta testing starting April 14th later this week.

Sign-ups are currently open for the closed beta. You can head to the website to get your name on the list to prep for the upcoming test.

The game is a simultaneous turn-based strategy game where players make the decisions and then watch them play out in a real-time mode.

It’s a slightly different take on the typical MOBA setup where players just go head-to-head. Each character has their own special abilities and can be utilized to thwart opponents.

How to Play Atlas Reactor: Simultaneous Turns

Discover how simultaneous turns and team tactics make for fast-paced, competitive gameplay in this upcoming title from Trion Worlds. ***Sign up for our Alpha at*** Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

The concept looks similar to the way Supergiant Games’ Transistor, where players will pick and choose certain actions and then see them play out in real time at the end of the round.

Seeing the game in action doesn’t look bad, and it’s being hailed as Dota 2 meets XCOM, but there’s certainly not enough to make a clean distinction on what the game is like based on the little that has been showcased it shows some promise.

It’s hard to get excited for the game because of how little we know about it and it’s hard to get excited when it seems like yet another MOBA amongst many.

Right now a lot of companies are trying to ride the MOBA wave to sweet dollar bills, following in the greed-laden footsteps of Tencent’s uber-popular League of Legends.

Graphically the game is okay but it’s obviously overshadowed by the more popular Overwatch. Depending on how much depth, how many maps,how many challenges and what the replay values are like will determine whether or not Atlas Reactor will have legs to stand on in the long run.

If you think the game deserves your attention and a small corner of space on your hard drive, feel free to sign up for the closed beta by visiting the official website.


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