Assault Suit Leynos Set To Get A Western PS4 And PC Release This Summer

Western fans that like 2D bullet hell games like Rising Star Games and Dracue Software’s Assault Suit Leynos, will be pleased this summer since the fierce Japanese shoot ’em up game will be heading west for both PS4 and PC players this year.

Catching wind from Gematsu, publisher Rising Star Games announced that the hardcore shoot ’em up or bullet hell game Assault Suit Leynos remake, will be heading to western fans this summer, which will release across PC and PS4.

In addition to that you can check out the screenshots shown below, which depict several in-game segments of battles, bosses and much more.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

To be honest, I like games like this a bit. They remind me of games like Contra or Sunset Riders in a Sci-Fi setting. Adding on to classic throwback, the 16-bit original will still surface through the remake with similar gameplay, boss battles and a list of weapons to pick from. This accompanies the typical bullet storm type games with fast and fierce action, and challenging moments.

Furthermore, joining the release of the remake is a physical release for the PS4, which will include a two-sided deluxe poster that features artwork from the original Japanese release, as well as some of the classic 16-bit version — also known by veteran fans of the game as Target Earth.

For those that aren’t familiar with what’s going on in the game, it follows the tumultuous events of WW4 that drains a lot of the resources around the world. The game follows the next tragic event that emerges after humanity starts to reestablish itself. This is where players step in as the hero with the almighty Assault Suit Leynos to end the emerging threat.

As of now, the official western release date for Assault Suit Leynos is unknown, but it will debut sometime this summer with a physical release, official artwork and classic art from the 16-bit game and more for PC and PS4.

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