ARK: Survival Evolved Lawsuit Settled With Trendy For $40 Million

The lawsuit that Trendy Entertainment filed against Jeremy Stieglitz and the rest of Studio Wildcard for the of breach of a non-compete contract Stieglitz signed when parting ways from the company, has been settled. The makers of ARK: Survival Evolved will pay out $40 million to Trendy Entertainment to go away. is reporting that Jeremy’s wife, Susan Stieglitz tweeted out that the settlement took place after Trendy originally asked for $600 million but settled on $40 million.

Hilariously enough Susan revealed the settlement info to users via direct message on Twitter but felt keen on reneging if people were planning on sending the info to Jason Schreier from Kotaku.

Susan Claire on Twitter

Dear all, i will no longer answer dm if you intend to send them to mr Schreier. He has caused me only pain. Thank you for adding to my pain.

Given that Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek was responsible recently for putting a mob out against Nintendo based on misinformation, and opted to defend his stance in doing so, it’s no surprise that developers would want very little to do with Kotaku.

It’s hard to take seriously an outlet that is attached to a parent company who defends their right to post revenge porn as a way to defame others, or if the outlet doesn’t mind using secret mailing lists to blacklist industry professionals, or if the outlet doesn’t mind publishing accusations in order to damage reputations and hurt Kickstarter campaigns.

Since #GamerGate, Kotaku has hypocritically condemned their own audience while being attached to an organization that commits illegal acts.

Bethesda and Ubisoft have wisely distanced themselves from Kotaku in an attempt to focus their efforts on producing content for people who care about their products. Whether or not the products are of quality is a whole other story, but at least they’re taking a stand against outlets who don’t care about ethics in journalism.

As for Studio Wildcard… $40 million is a serious setback for the studio, but ARK: Survival Evolved is a cash cow for the company right now. They plan on hitting even bigger strides this June when the game exits Early Access and officially launches on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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4 thoughts on “ARK: Survival Evolved Lawsuit Settled With Trendy For $40 Million

  1. Well, this further proves my assertion that Schreier is a fucking piece of shit.
    Guy calls an artist a lolicon for drawing large boobs, then harasses a woman.
    Real classy.

  2. Wow, wasn’t expecting the call out like that.

    We all know it’s true, of more than just one corrupt blogger at Kotaku/Polygon, but it’s nice to hear.

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