Antiflux Is An Oldschool-Style Puzzle Platformer

At first glance I wasn’t very impressed with what I saw with the Antiflux trailer, a new game developed by UAA Software, but as the trailer went on, I started to see the potential here and Antiflux became a bit more interesting.

Antiflux is a futuristic puzzle platform game with a very unique art style. At first glance it looks a bit minimalist with its simplistic art style, but upon closer inspection it also has time and effort put into it. The developers seem to have hit a roadblock with its budget because I have seen comments on their Greenlight page and on their Google play page saying that they are running low on funds, so perhaps the visual appearance could get an upgrade in the future.

Gameplay wise, it looks interesting with some of the puzzle elements with some really unique abilities to jump and move around at incredible speeds using floating arrows that move you in the direction they are facing, an ability to destroy platforms below you, as well as an ability to phase through the walls. There are traps and deadly objects as well to keep you from completing the stages, and dozens of puzzles for you to brainstorm to navigate through the strange world filled with robots, teleporters, switches that move the platforms and arrows around. There are also power ups that you can collect to unlock more abilities to help you complete future puzzles. The developers also say that they don’t have randomly generated procedural stages, instead they have over 60 handcrafted stages filled with puzzles for you to conquer. You can watch the Steam Greenlight trailer that I linked down below to see what Antiflux looks like in game.


UPDATE: Please vote for us on Steam Greenlight! steam://url/CommunityFilePage/659054083 Robots, teleporters, jump pads, lasers! Be prepared for an action-filled challenging puzzle experience! Antiflux an oldschool metroidvania-style puzzle platformer with interesting mechanics. Puzzles are complex but easy to understand. The platforming is simple but fun, controls comfortably with a touch screen or controller.

As mentioned up above, Antiflux is currently on Steam Greenlight looking to receive enough votes to help get their game a bit more exposure, so you can follow the above link if you would like to help vote them through or learn more about the game. Furthermore, Antiflux has also been a mobile game in the past and is currently on the Google Play app store for purchase.

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