American McGee’s Alice Petition Nears 25,000 Signatures

As of this writing, a petition to get Electronic Arts to release the rights of American McGee’s Alice back to American McGee currently rests at 24,978 signatures. They’re just 22 people shy of hitting the milestone of 25,000 signatures.

Gamers have been periodically tweeting out and sharing the petition, which originally went live more than eight months ago in the middle of 2015.

This was all happening during a turbulent time (though, during these dark days every time in gaming is turbulent times) and it’s easy for this to have been buried under the news about American McGee’s sister going missing, or the subsequent attacks he received for getting help from #GamerGate, which resulted in him being labeled as a “gator” (which is now about a pubic’s hair length away from becoming a political term to instantly denounce anyone who happens to be a moderate libertarian).

McGee recently sent out a tweet to poke the gaming community about how close the petition is to reaching its 25,000 signature milestone after it’s been slowly adding new signatures day-by-day over the past eight months.

American McGee on Twitter

Only 35 signatures remaining before we hit 25k with the Alice petition. Could you be #25,000? …

The goal of the petition is to get EA to finally hand over the rights to McGee so that he can get to work on cranking out a third game in the venerable Alice series. As mentioned in the original petition from a fellow out of Sonoma, California…

“We know that American McGee would definitely develop a new Alice game if he got the chance, and we know this because he’s told us so himself, and we know that he would like the chance to do so, but that he doesn’t have this chance; at least, not until YOU, give him the rights to do so EA.”

The rights plus a Kickstarter would likely be the way to go for McGee, assuming he still has the desire, and the fan anticipation is apparent.

The only roadblock to McGee’s potential success with a Kickstarter is the fact that being labeled as a “gator”, even inadvertently, could seriously hamper his potential at getting interviews and news spots amongst most major gaming media websites.

Even if they managed to hit 50,000 signatures, the question then becomes: will EA hand over the rights? And the next question becomes: will the media give American McGee any sort of attention after being labeled as a “gator”?

I think the EA hurdle is likely going to be a bigger challenge than accruing funds through Kickstarter. Even a media blackout could be enough to scrounge up anti-censorship activists to throw some dollars the way of the legendary game maker. But getting EA not to be corporate dicks? Well, that’s like trying to get the internet not to be outraged that Scarlett Johansson is taking on the role of one of the most badass cyborg females in Japanese anime history.

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3 thoughts on “American McGee’s Alice Petition Nears 25,000 Signatures

  1. The gaming media is a joke, only the most casual of the casual would follow it and if we’re talking of a kickstarter then that’s some real fans stuff so I don’t know man but the optimist in me would like to think that even if the media tries a blackout the alternatives would triumph in the end.
    Plenty websites out there do plan to report on it, plenty of internet personalities would spread the word, and the real fans would see beyond the media’s ridiculous gamergate boogeyman narrative and see a chance to help make the game they want.

    Definitely agreed EA is the bigger obstacle here.
    They’re not known for being altruistic, nice or for caring about what fans or gamers want.

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