Adam Wolfe, Supernatural Adventure Puzzle Game Starts Closed Beta Testing

I have always been a huge fan of the Dresden File book series, so when I saw this game it instantly grabbed my attention for having similar themes, even the main character Adam Wolfe resembles Dresden in appearance, so I quickly became interested and wanted to see more.

Developers MadHead Games has submitted their new game Adam Wolfe onto Steam Greenlight, and has also started closed beta testing to work out kinks and receive feedback before its official release.

If you are interested you can follow the above links to learn more about the closed beta; but first, I will tell you a bit more about the game and what makes it so cool. MadHead Games are known for their adventure puzzle games, such as the Rite Of Passage series, Dark Realm, Cadenza, and Nevertales. Adam Wolfe is similar, it is a story-driven, supernatural, puzzle game that sends you across 53 different locations to unravel a grand conspiracy that involves the protagonist’s sibling.

Adame wolfe 2

The art work is probably the first thing that will grab your attention. It is a series of high quality pictures filled with an extreme amount of detail. The thing is, those pictures move and are animated, giving the game a very unique moving painting style of animation, that is beautiful to look at and makes the game stand out a bit from other adventure puzzle games in the genre. The main story is filled with tons of puzzles, mysteries, and over eight hours of gameplay. The thing that makes Adam Wolfe look so cool is that puzzles vary in all sorts of different ways. The trailer shows other mini-games sequences of what looks to be a motorcycle chase, and possibly a few action scenes as well. You can watch the official gameplay story trailer that I linked down below.

Adam Wolfe – Official Trailer

Support Adam Wolfe by voting on Steam Greenlight — Step into the shoes of Adam Wolfe, investigator of the supernatural. Driven by your sister’s mysterious disappearance, take to the brooding streets of San Francisco, where crime and paranormal occurrences intertwine in dark corners.

It sounds like Adam Wolfe might be an episodic adventure, broken down into four different parts to tell the entire story, but so far there isn’t much detail about this so we will see as the game moves closer to launch. If you would like to learn more, you can also visit the official Adam Wolfe website for additional details.


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