Xbox One Gets 5 Games Added To Backwards Compatible List

This week saw five games added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatible list, which now includes Assassin’s Creed, GRID 2, Dark Void, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the original Dark Souls.

Windows Central did a brief write-up on the five new games that have been made available for the Xbox One’s highly touted feature, which also recently received Halo Wars as a backwards compatible title as well.

The addition of Dark Souls is timely given that Dark Souls 3 launches April 12th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Those who pre-order the game on Xbox One will get a free copy of the original Dark Souls.

As for the other games… Dark Void was one of those experimental games during the time when companies were trying new things in the shooting game space. Supposedly Brad Pitt was attached to a film based on Capcom’s game but I’m not really sure what happened to that. The game itself already seemed like a rip-off of The Rocketeer meets John Carter of Mars, so it seemed weird that they were going to make a movie based on a game that was already based other movies.

Anyway, Microsoft’s backwards compatibility list has now grown to quite a sizable list. According to Christian Today there are games like Age of Booty, Soul Calibur, Skullgirls and Geometry Wars Evolved that were also recently added in the past month.

Unlike Sony with PlayStation Now, Microsoft actually seems to be putting care and thought into the backwards compatibility list of the Xbox One. If Sony hadn’t been so greedy maybe they could have offered a similar service and really buried Microsoft… but, oh well.

In addition to the new games being added to the list, Microsoft also opened up a new section on the Xbox digital store that allows Xbox One owners to quickly search out and find Xbox 360 games that they can purchase and download conveniently from the store.

The Xbox One may be an aborted failure from the womb of Don Mattrick’s administration, but if there’s one thing that Xbox’s surrogate father Phil Spencer got right, it’s the backwards compatibility mode.


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