Xbox One Elite Controller Halo 5 Component Kit Announced

The Xbox One Elite Controller is easily one of the best controllers out there. The device is extremely expensive but also very customizable. It’s designed to withstand the wear and tear from competitive e-sports play, so parts are easily replaceable and can be customized to fit the kind of visual aesthetic you find pleasing on a controller.

With all of that said, PowerA has been working with 343 Industries and Microsoft to release their officially licensed Halo 5 Component Kit for the Xbox One Elite Controller. The kit costs $49.99 and will be available on April 11th.

Game Idealist picked up the news from a listing that recently appeared over on GameStop.

The listing explains that you get 10 pieces in the kit, including 2 standard analog sticks, 1 mid-tall analog stick, 1 domed mid-tall analog stick, 2 upper paddles, 2 lower paddles, and 2 direction pads.

The kit offers you options in how you want to customize the look and feel of your Xbox One Elite Controller. The Halo element comes into play with the concave digital pad, which is a shiny glossy blue, and the paddles, which feature the UNSC logo with the same glossy blue color scheme.

The standard digital also sports the UNSC logo, which you can check out below in the following image.

The different analog stick heights help with precision, especially on the right analog, and the domed analog stick is good for when you need to flick your thumb over the analog as opposed to holding it down.

Microsoft has received a lot of grief over the past three years for their idiotic decisions and asinine PR tactics, but the one thing they seemed to get right is the Xbox One Elite Controller. It’s expensive no doubt, but it’s a really quality made controller with all the right options and tweaks. It’s a shame there’s no controller that combines the touchpad accuracy of the Steam Controller with the pressure sensitive triggers and digital pad of the Xbox One Elite Controller, but with the bumpers of the DualShock 4. That would be one sexy controller.

Anyway, the PowerA Halo 5 Component Kit for the Xbox One Elite Controller will be available in the middle of April. You can check out the GameStop store page for more info.


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