Witanlore: Dreamtime Is A Fairy Tale-Style Adventure RPG with a sword wielding bear

For an indie game, this actually looks really cool and unique. Witanlore: Dreamtime has so much lore and story in it that it makes me feel like the developers at Druid Gameworks write their own mystical fairy tales in their free time.

The story is quite complex, so I’ll link the story video down below so you can get the full scoop for yourself, I feel like if I try to write it in detail I’ll butcher it. In short, you play as a young ursine bear that must go on a grand adventure to recover a mystical sword of godly power, to use it to either restore peace to the chaotic warring lands, or use it for evil.

The game description says that you will be able to make multiple choices in gameplay, which will affect the story and outcome of events. Witanlore: Dreamtime is a third person, open world, action adventure RPG, that takes a heavy focus on story-driven gameplay. However, if you choose to do so, you can toggle a first person camera perspective.

witanlore 2

The character art style is quite unique, the lore and the world they built sounds quite original, and the graphics and environment is stunning and beautiful. This certainly isn’t anything like the walking talking Bear named Banjo that I grew up with. Witanlore: Dreamtime looks like the type of story that young children would eat up as a bed time story, and the gameplay has sword combat and platform elements that looks like it would be extremely fun to play to completely immerse you in the world. Take a look at the below gameplay teaser trailer to see Witanlore: Dreamtime in action.

I love me some celtic adventure music. That last ending song got me pretty hyped to want to see more of this game. The second trailer down below shows the opening cinematic story trailer, and goes in great detail about what the character is doing, and the world you will be interacting with. The fact that they put so much effort and detail into their lore tells me that this world will have a lot of story and depth to it that you don’t always see in indie adventure RPGs.

If you would like to support Witanlore: Dreamtime you can visit their Steam Greenlight page to help vote them through, as well as their Kickstarter campaign page for additional details about how they are progressing with finishing the game.

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2 thoughts on “Witanlore: Dreamtime Is A Fairy Tale-Style Adventure RPG with a sword wielding bear

  1. The awesome thing about this game, and the reason it has my interest, is it is made entirely by guys who started out modding. Apparently many of the team on this game did some of the most popular mods for Skyrim, and they decided “let’s just make our own game!” And this is the result.

    1. That is an interesting fun fact. I didn’t dig too deep into the company’s past, the game itself just looked unique. When you see something like this on Greenlight, it normally stands out.

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