Watch This!, Game Show-Themed Horror Survival Game Gets Greenlit

How many of you remember the 1990s classic game Smash TV? Watch This! takes the theme of a violent reality TV game show, and forces players to attempt to survive the brutal stages filled with a gallery of death traps.

Watch This! is a first person platform horror game, developed by CivilSavages. You play as a contestant on a new reality TV game show where you must survive and attempt to reach the exit in the maze, or die trying. However, there are various traps impeding your progress to try and stop you in your tracks; ranging from spike traps, to giant razor saws that attempt to slice you in half, to flame throwers, to giant pistons that smash you from the ceiling, and of course giant pits that you have to attempt to jump across to reach the other side of the maze.

To make the challenge of survival even harder, players will be hunted by three different types of monsters that lurk in the maze tunnels, which will force you to have to sneak around to survive undetected; all for the entertainment of the viewers watching you on TV.

Watch this 2

Graphically, I think this game looks amazing. The aesthetics reminds me a lot of the modern versions of the Doom series with the visual appearance and art style, as well as the way the stage designs are set up with the tight claustrophobic corridors. Based on the description on the Greenlight page, it sounds like the maze will constantly rearrange and randomize while you are playing, creating an almost endless run to try and survive and find your way out. Maze Runner, anyone?

Go on, you know you want to check out the promotional trailer that I linked down below. Watch This and be entertained!

Watch This! (Greenlight Trailer)

Watch This! is a first-person single player platformer with horror elements for PC. Game is being developed by the Civil Savages. Release Date: Summer 2016 Greenlight: GamesJamKanobu:

One thing that bothers me is that I don’t know if what we’re watching is a CGI promotional trailer, or actual live gameplay.

Watch This! was easily Greenlit by the community for its unique concept and visual appearance, so it will be heading for release sometime during the summer of 2016.

The Community¬†asked¬†if there will be live stream player interaction for the game, and the developers said it was an interesting idea, but so far it isn’t planned or announced yet if it will actually be built into the game. Regardless, I think it would be quite entertaining for Twitch live streams to watch players try to survive in real time. for more information you can checkout the Steam Greenlight page for further details.

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