UnderDread, Adventure Horror Game Comes to Steam

UnderDread is an adventure horror game developed by Bigzur, that has just recently launched on Steam on March 1st. The story takes place in the 18th century where the main character is traveling by carriage with their daughter. The two stop to take a rest at a local inn, but the next morning your daughter has gone missing with no clues for where she went.

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The locals help give clues to where she might be, and stories of the nearby castle suggests that children in the area have been going missing. This is where the main game starts as the player enters the castle to investigate to find your missing daughter. UnderDread focuses on story, exploration, and hiding from the many monsters that occupy the dungeon of the castle.

UnderDread will test your wits with a series of puzzles as you explore the dark dungeon to uncover the truth of what has taken place in the castle as you move deeper into the heart of the dungeon to locate your missing daughter. It appears that the player will be armed with nothing but an old wobbling lantern to light their way and your wits to help you hide or solve puzzles. You can take a look at the official gameplay trailer down below to see UnderDread for yourself.


Uploaded by Bigzur Games on 2015-12-16.

The scenery and the story sets the tone for this game to possibly be scary, but I think it is important to point out that the original title of the game was Slender Man Origins 2 Saga, and it was also a mobile title before being ported over for PC and Mac. If you are interested in learning more or playing UnderDread, you can head over to the Steam store page for further details. You can also check out the official website as well for additional information about the game.

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