Tree Of Savior, Hand-Painted MMO Is Free-To-Play On Steam

One of the most highly anticipated, independently made MMO from IMC Games has launched on Steam. Tree of Savior is a hand-painted, isometric MMORPG that hearkens back to the days of Seiken Densetsu but designed for today’s generation of gaming.

While the title is free-to-play it also has paid founder’s packs. The founder’s packs grant users exclusive access to Tree of Savior along with having special access to servers without world queues, as well as gaining a special pet and some exclusive items. You can check out all of what you get when you pay for the founder’s packs on the Steam update page. It’s no different than what NCSoft did with Blade & Soul when it came (in its butchered and “localized” state) to North America or when Pearl Abyss and Daum Communications let loose Black Desert Online in the West.

As for the features of Tree of Savior, the game features a drop-dead gorgeous hand-painted art-style set to the tune of real-time isometric combat, party play, dungeons, more than 80 different classes with class-change options, and 200 unique bosses to battle. The game is huge.

They also have raids, guilds and the ability to freely construct classes with various mixtures of jobs, skills and stats. You can get a taste of what you can play with the G-Star trailer below.

트리오브세이비어 2015(Tree of Savior 2015 G-Star Trailer)

트리오브세이비어 2015

Tree of Savior was one of those games that a lot of gamers in the West kept their eye on throughout its development due to how unique it looked and how it seemed like the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, just upgraded and with more advanced features and graphics.

The reviews for the game are glowing so far, which is rare for a free-to-play game on Steam when most people are ragging on it for pay-to-win measures or other broken mechanics. The denizens of Valve’s digital distribution outlet are really digging the soundtrack, the graphics, the class combinations and the world that IMC managed to craft in Tree of Savior.

If you want to take the journey with the other members of Steam across the hand-painted world of Tree of Savior, you can do so right now by hitting up the Steam store page and downloading the game for free. The only thing you have to lose is bandwidth and time. [Correction: The servers are up for the founders but have not gone up just yet for those with free-to-play access. It’s still possible to add the game to your library, download it and boot it up but the servers are not up just yet. It’s explained in the thread here.]


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3 thoughts on “Tree Of Savior, Hand-Painted MMO Is Free-To-Play On Steam

  1. Heads up, it can’t actually be played yet, at least not if you don’t pay for the exclusive founders early access.

    It’s listed as F2P and it can be downloaded but the F2P servers are not up.

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