The Walking Dead Season 3 Has A Fix For Xbox 360, PS3 Saved Games

Telltale’s The Walking Dead will be getting a third season. According to Telltale’s CEO Kevin Bruner, the next chapter in the highly celebrated point-and-click adventure series will get underway in the latter half of 2016.

TechRaptor picked up the news from an interview that Bruner conducted with Mashable, where he explained that they won’t be shortchanging anyone with the third season based on how the second season ended. Well, based on how the second season ended in different ways.

They plan on addressing the story as they always have by keeping the stories “going forward”.

What’s more interesting, however, is their plan for moving over saved games from the seventh gen to the eighth gen. While some companies have instituted some convoluted multi-account process or technically adept solutions to deal with the discrepancy between cross-generational episodic games that started on one gen and ended up on the next, Telltale has a simpler solution in mind.

According to Bruner they’ll be looking to the oftentimes-referred-to-as-a-buzzword cloud to solve their problems. Bruner states…

“We’ve got a strategy to help Season 3 players…collect all their data from the previous games. We didn’t have the cloud services in Season 1 that we have now, so we’re going to have a solution for everybody that we’re not talking about yet.”

This will help as the third season of The Walking Dead begins to phase out releases on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but people from the previous gen want to carry-over their saved games to the new episodes on the Xbox One or PS4. I don’t know if it’s going to be the perfect solution but Steam gamers can currently make use of the cloud for various games that they play across multiple devices without worrying about losing their place or their data, so it sounds like Telltale will try the same thing between the seventh and eighth gen consoles.

There’s no exact window on when The Walking Dead Season 3 will go live but the article on Mashable notes that the game will arrive sometime later in 2016.


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2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 3 Has A Fix For Xbox 360, PS3 Saved Games

  1. TWD Tell Tale games are the best ones & the only ones in my opinion worth playing. I just wonder if it will still follow Clementine, and how they will do it considering there are like 5 different endings that are all very different.

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