The Butterfly Sign Looks like David Cage’s lost game

For those of you that don’t know who David Cage is, he is the founder of Quantic Dream game studio, the guys and gals behind games like Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy), and Heavy Rain. The indie game The Butterfly Sign looks a lot like something you would see from the eccentric mind of David Cage. Even the developer studio is called Quantom Phoenix Studio. Coincidence? I think not!

Butterfly sign 2

But this is all personal opinion and I don’t know if they were really inspired by Cage or not. Regardless, the above comparison should give you an idea about the theme surrounding The Butterfly Sign.

The story is complex and revolves around a man that has lost his memory and must piece together the events of a tragedy that happened inside of a hospital, where a group of terrorists killed everyone inside the building to steal an experimental drug called Rammex. Everyone inside the hospital was killed; patients and staff alike, and the building was burned to the ground from a large explosion. However, one man named Jack is the sole survivor of the events and is the only one that knows the truth. The only problem is that he is suffering from Amnesia from the explosion blast.

The game focuses on Dr. Romanov talking to Jack, who gives him the experimental Rammex drug to help him recover his memory so that they can find out the truth about what really happened that day at the hospital.

Players now dive into the memories of Jack as they retrace his steps and learn the truth about the terror plot that killed everyone inside the hospital. The way the trailer was put together, the music, the voice acting, it looks like the developers really wanted to go with a slight supernatural surreal feel that mimics David Cage’s style of directing.

Take a look at the trailer I linked down below to see the game for yourself.

The Butterfly Sign – Official Trailer | Unreal Engine 4

MORE INFO ON THE BUTTERFLY SIGN is the first-person computer game in the detective genre. We will play for the sole survivor of the large terrorist attack. Our main hero is the only eyewitness of the incident and the only person, who can tell the world the truth.

The Butterfly Sign will be a first person detective mystery game where you look for clues in a CSI fashion as you try to recollect and piece together the memories in the proper order of events. The developers say that every item matters, and every clue is important to solving the mystery. The developers also say that VR headset support will be implemented and part of the game. The Butterfly Sign will take place over the course of three episodes, with each episode costing between $3-5 USD. The first episode will be released in May of 2016.

At the moment, the developers are working to get approved on the Steam Greenlight page, but they also say that they are preparing for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign soon. You can visit their official website for additional detail.

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