Tales Of Berseria Screenshots Showcase Bienfu, Magilou And More

Bandai Namco’s upcoming Tales of Berseria game is set to bring some new stuff to the table, in which some of it is revealed in a new blog post by the official Tales of Game‘s website that details information pertaining to the characters Bienfu and Magilou, as well as a new Break Soul feature.

If you don’t know by now, I’m a big fan of the Tales series, which started way back with Tales of Phantasia. Keeping fans going with the Tales of series, the official Tales of Game website provided additional details regarding the characters Bienfu And Magilou, and the brand new Break Soul feature.

All of the above is joined by new screenshots showing off Velvet and the others, which the two new characters arrive with small profiles that list some of their personality traits and their backstory.

For starters, the site notes that Magiluo is an unknown woman who says that she’s the “great sorceress,” while others say she’s an “unlicensed witchcraft.” Noted to be carefree and wield a personality that will bring life to the party, she also hones a dark side towards Velvet.

Looking over to Bienfu, he is a spiritual being that can wield the power of nature — commonly known as a Malak — that has a unique form and personality. Although he is small in size, he counters that with his strength and bravery.

The two characters are noted to have a history together, but I assume that their relationship will be revealed later in another blog post on the Tales of official site, or in the Weekly Famitsu. With that said, you can view all the new screenshots below.

Tales of Berseria

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Furthermore, the new Break Soul feature will be implemented into the battle system of Tales of Berseria. This system will allow players to perform special actions that provide advantages in battles and enables the characters in battle to exceed the upper limit of usable Artes per combo.

Tales of Berseria will be available this year for PS4 and PS3 fans in Japan, while a western release will allow both PS4 and PC players to enjoy the game sometime in 2016.

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