Sniper Elite 4 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC; Runs At 1080p

Rebellion Entertainment has announced that Sniper Elite 4 is coming for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year. The sniper game will put players in the role of marksman Karl Fairburne, as he attempts to fight against Fascist regimes while helping the Allies fight to free Europe during World War II.

The game takes place before the D-Day landings and Operation Overlord, thus the weight of the war is on the soldiers of players who must snipe and headshot their way to victory. The game has been confirmed to run at 1920 x 1080p on the Xbox One and PS4, and will run at even higher resolutions on PC. I’m curious what the frame-rate will be like on the eighth-gen twins? I’m guessing 30fps, which seems to be the standard these days and the expectation from most console gamers who have resolved to accept that the PS4 and Xbox One will be hitting the Holy Grail of 1080p at 60fps fewer and fewer times throughout the remainder of this generation.

Anyway, Rebellion released a minute long teaser trailer showcasing some of the game’s graphics and locations as players will take to the front in Italy to take down foes and dwindle the numbers on the Axis side. Check it out below.

Sniper Elite 4 – Official Teaser Trailer – 2016

Sniper Elite 4 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2016. Head to for a chance to win copies of the game at launch! Italy, 1943. Covert agent and elite marksman Karl Fairburne must help free Italy from the yoke of Fascism and defeat a terrifying new threat that could halt the Allied fightback in Europe before it’s even begun.

They mention in the press release that players will visit more locations and larger locations than what was featured in Sniper Elite 3

“From sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns to colossal Nazi megastructures, daunting forests and giddying mountain monasteries inspired by Monte Cassino, Sniper Elite 4 will offer breathless emergent stealth action and unrivalled sniping freedom across maps many times the size of those seen in Sniper Elite 3.”

Sniper Elite 4 will have a dedicated campaign mode, cooperative modes, as well as some PvP sniping modes for those who can’t stop shooting other players in the face.

As mentioned, the game is due to drop some time throughout 2016. No official release date has been hammered out just yet.

You can keep track of the game by hitting up the official Rebellion website.


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