Shadow Of The Beast Set For Launch On May 17th For PS4

Founder of Heavy Spectrum, Matt Birch, took to the PlayStation blog recently to announce that the PS4 exclusive, Shadow of the Beast, will be launching on Sony’s home console starting May 17th. The game’s release date was accompanied by a new behind-the-scenes video.

Before getting ot the video, Birch explains that the small group of indies working on this remake wanted to make the game an ode to the old-school 16-bit beat-’em-up genre. It’s an era that produced the true Golden Age of gaming. Between the early 1990s and late 1990s gamers were treated to such an explosion of creativity and unique ideas. In fact, if any of those games from the mid-1990s made an appearance these days the devs would be attached so hard by Social Justice Warriors that there would be a permanent white space on Twitter and Facebook where their profiles used to be – just nothing.

Some of you probably think I’m being hyperbolic but before getting back to Shadow of the Beast just check this image out of some of the prostitutes and nuns you could possess in the game.


If the SJWs weren’t quivering with their problematic glasses before, they sure are now.

Games back in the day didn’t mess around. They gave zero funk-shoes about censorship, puritans, Democrats or Republicans. Devs back then had balls.

Anyway, these days everything has to be tame and safe-space ready. Hopefully that isn’t entirely the case with Shadow of the Beast but according to Birch, he explains on the PS Blog…

“Fans of the fighting genre will be excited to hear that we’ve fine-tuned the combat experience from top to bottom, honing in on optimal response times for buttery smooth combat, just like the golden age combat action games from the past. And we haven’t forgotten about Aarbron! The game’s protagonist received upgrades to the full extent of his abilities and we’ve equipped him with some of the mystic artefacts that add much more depth to gameplay.“

Sounds promising.

The behind-the-scenes video explains how Aarbron ends up on an alien planet called Karemoon and how Aarbron battles against an evil mage while discovering the mystique of the planet. The story is nothing like the original, but maybe it might end up being like the original at the end of the story?

Shadow of the Beast – Behind the Scenes #1 | PS4 Explore the alien landscape of Karemoon, a world filled with beauty, brutality and mystery, on a lone quest to overthrow the malevolent tyrant Maletoth. Survive epic boss battles and tackle hordes of enemies in ferocious adrenaline-fuelled action.

The gameplay looks sick, so far.

I love the combos and the timing-based blocking system. Aarbron looks like a real war machine in those clips and fans looking for a good hack-and-slash title will most definitely find themselves loving what Heavy Spectrum is bringing to the table as far as combat, gore and reflex-based timing is concerned.

You can look for the game to go live on the PS4 starting May 17th. For more info feel free to check out the official website.


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10 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Beast Set For Launch On May 17th For PS4

      1. Yeah, I played it back when it came out, but I don’t remember getting very far. I recall Psygnosis making games with amazing atmosphere, music and visuals.

        I’m just kinda… not a fan of using old franchise names for something completely different. It immediately makes me wonder why they didn’t just make a new IP instead.

      2. It was an awful game with crap controls and terrible music, the only reason everyone is moist for it was because of the Amiga fans who just couldn’t let go.

      3. Ah you didn’t like the music? I have various OCRemix renditions of the theme song because it’s so cool. It did have terrible controls on the Sega and was ridiculously hard. I did think that the (second?) game had better graphics, controls and thematic elements on the Amiga.

      4. After being raised on Nintendo Arcade/Platformers, everything else from that era feels like it has clunky controllers with awful delay.

      5. No arguments there…. however, Sonic games did play really well and I thought they had better friction and acceleration/deceleration than the Mario games.

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