Sengoku Basara Yukimura Sanada Den For PS3, PS4 Launches This Summer

If you’re a fan of Musuo rage games and thousand-army hack-and-slash gameplay, you’ll likely enjoy the fact that a new Sengoku Basara game is on the way from Capcom for the PS3 and PS4 this summer in Japan. Sadly no Western release date has been set.

The game is set for release this summer for Sony’s consoles and Capcom let loose a minute and a half long trailer to cover some of the gameplay and features for the upcoming title. You can check it out below.

PS4/PS3 『戦国BASARA 真田幸村伝』 プレイ映像第一弾

公式サイト⇒ 戦国BASARA 真田幸村伝(戦国バサラ サナダユキムラデン) ■発売日:2016年夏発売予定 ■対応ハード: PlayStation(R)4 / PlayStation(R)3 ■希望小売価格:未定 ■ジャンル:スタイリッシュ英雄(HERO)アクション ■CEROレーティング:審査予定 ■プレイ人数:1人 戦国BASARAシリーズ最新作『戦国BASARA 真田幸村伝』 が2016年夏に発売決定! 一人の男の生き様を描く、武将名の壮絶なる一代記。 真田幸村の生涯を描く、シリーズ初の長編ドラマ! そして明かされる、『大坂 夏の陣』に秘められた真田幸村と伊達政宗の宿命とは!?

The gameplay trailer highlights two of the main characters as they cut, hack and slash their way through enemies. The second character in the white is interesting because he sports six blades – three blades in each hand. He hacks and slashes and cuts enemies as if he were using the katanas as claws.

What’s interesting is that his fighting style is very similar to Voldo from the Soul Calibur series.

This follows on the 10th anniversary Sengoku Basara release from last year, which celebrated the game’s decade long presence on the market. The release of Sengoku Basara 4: Sumeragi hit store shelves in Japan last summer, so Capcom is almost making it an annual thing to keep pumping the games out each year.

For fans of Musuo rage games this is probably exciting news (assuming you import games) but if you’re already worn out on one too many Dynasty Warriors titles you probably won’t find yourself all that attracted to the latest Sengoku Basara title.

The game utilizes the same multi-combo attacks with lots of on-screen enemies that stand around waiting to be dispatched.

Some of the feedback on this newest game is that it’s just kind of the same ‘ole, same ‘ole. Fans of the series are excited but I think those who have become kind of worn on the repeated Dynasty Warriors clones that add very little to the actual gameplay or dynamics.

Anyway, you can look for Sengoku Basara Yukimura Sanada Den to launch on the PS3 and PS4 later this summer in Japan.


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