Rocket League On Xbox One Reaches A Million Unique Players

After launching on Microsoft’s system on February 17th, Psyonix has announced that they’ve managed more than a million players on the Xbox One for Rocket League. did a write-up on the game managing the million-player milestone, pointing to a tweet from the developers who have acknowledged that no matter what platform it’s on, gamers love them some Rocket League.

Rocket League on Twitter

YES! We have officially eclipsed more than 1 MILLION unique players on @Xbox One! Thank you very much for continuing to support us!

The game came out back in July of 2015 to startling numbers on the PS4 and PC, and then after racking up millions of dollars over the course of the fall they announced during The Game Awards, hosted by the Dorito Pope, that the title would be making its way to the Xbox One and that it would be bringing some special cars with it, namely the Armadillo from Gears of War and the HogSticker from Halo.

Developed on a $2 million budget, Rocket League managed to make more than $70 million in revenue after a few short months on the market, according to IBT.

The game pits teams of four against each other in arenas where players have to utilize gravity-defying techniques to put a ball in the goal.

While it hasn’t really tickled my fancy much the concept has resonated very strongly with the gaming community and is even looking to become a noteworthy entry in the e-sports scene.

Rocket League is available right now on the Xbox One for $19.99. That’s the equivalent of what it costs on the PC and PS4 as well.

I doubt that the game will actually save the Xbox One from its current rut, in which it’s sitting in such a pathetic place in comparison to the PS4. Things are so bad at the moment that Microsoft is now starting to cut costs by axing games like Fable Legends and closing down legendary studios like Lionhead Studios.

Maybe Microsoft will go back to the drawing board and work with a few studios to nab their own version of a Rocket League success story for the Xbox One. In the meantime they can enjoy the sloppy seconds of PC and PS4 gamers who eventually picked up the title on Microsoft’s console after everyone else already purchased it on Steam and on Sony’s console.


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