Quantum Break Videos Show Time Power Upgrades, Multiple Playable Characters

Quantum Break is due for release at the early start of April for the Xbox One and Windows 10. A large portion of the early part of the game was let loose on YouTube recently to a number of high-profile YouTubers to spread and share the joy. The videos were not just there to entertain, though. There were a lot of big and small pieces of information that were revealed in the videos.

I suppose a spoiler warning should be in effect because if you don’t want to know what time powers will be in the game, or what the playable characters or like or what the story entails, I suggest you just not watch the videos below or skip reading any further. There aren’t any huge spoilers but it’s enough where someone wanting to go in cold could have the experience slightly ruined.

You can check out the five videos below, covering a sizable portion of the early parts of the game, mostly introducing players to Jack Joyce, his brother, and their main antagonist. You can check out the videos below from YouTuber GhostRobo.

Quantum Break Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 – Time Blast Ultra Combo (XB1 1080p HD)

Quantum Break Gameplay Part 1 – Quantum Break Walkthrough Part 1 – Quantum Break Xbox One Intro, Time Powers, Characters, Cutscenes, Combat, and more!! This is part of the FULL GAME of Quantum Break, and I’m bringing you an extra early series 😀 Hit the Like button if you want to see more!!

Early on they basically break down each of the powers throughout the videos and how to use them to during combat, as well as traversing through the environments and solving puzzles. There are four main powers that players can utilize, including the following:
Time Shield (B)
Time Dodge (LB)
Time Stop (RB)
Time Vision (Y)

Some of the powers have dual-roles, for instance the Time Vision power can also be used during platforming puzzles to reverse time to get through certain blockades. In the video it was compared to reversing time in Dontnod’s Life is Strange. We also saw similar features in games like Timeshift and Singularity.

The Time Shield can be used to protect Jack or others from taking incoming damage, while Time Dodge lets Jack (or others) zip around the environment in a quick flash. The Time Stop literally stops time within the bubble and players can shoot at it to charge up the bullets for explosive results.

Just like with Time Vision, it’s also possible to use Time Stop on more than just enemies and in more scenarios than just combat. Early on we see that Time Stop can be used to prevent platforms from moving or objects from falling.

Throughout the game it will be possible to upgrade these powers, as evidenced in the screenshot below.

Quantum Break Upgrades

One of the interesting things from the video is that it’s possible to play more than just Jack Joyce, Shawn Ashmore’s character.

While early on we see that you can walk around as Paul Serene and make decisions, the upgrade screen seems to reveal that you will be able to play more active roles of Paul, Beth and Will, the last of which we thought was presumed dead based on what happened in the early part of the game.

This seems like it could be one of those titles with a lot of little special moments and features that may have slipped past the promotional hype machine. Anything that leaves some discovery for players is fine in my book.

You can look for Quantum Break to launch for Windows 10 and the Xbox One starting April 5th.


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