Portal Knights Adds New Content And Achievements With Easter Update

Keen Games and 505 Games announced today that Portal Knights has received a major new content update, and with the new content comes new achievements, new enemies, new items, new building blocks and all new Easter-themed items that will be available from today (March 24th) up until April 10th.

The Easter event will see players hunting down eggs that pop up throughout the game world, cracking them open to uncover smaller eggs and collecting them in order to craft a new in-game achievement.

The Easter update is accompanied by some brand new content additions to the game, too. For instance there’s a brand new mummy enemy NPC for players to face off against in the deep, dark, dungeons scattered throughout Portal Knights.

They’ve also added in four new building blocks, such as the Red Carpet, Red Stone Bricks, Refined Obsidian and Refined Anorthosite.

Three new weaponized items are also available, including TNT, mini-bombs and an explosive bomb. It’s not all about destruction, though. Keen Games also added some new furniture sets for players to deck out their abode with.

Tweaks and fixes have also been made to the armor and weapon attributes, along with making the Hollow King boss fight more challenging for players looking to take their skills to the next level.

A few of the upgrades in the latest patch were also outlined over on the Steam store page, where they made it known that load times have been significantly reduced and skill usage and input timings have been better balanced to work more reliably during those intense moments of battle.

Portal Knights is available right now in Early Access over on Steam. You can team up with friends, raid dungeons, dig holes, build houses, craft weapons, customize your character and generally just have fun. Yeah it’s a Minecraft clone but a lot of gamers love it and if that’s what you’re into then it’s all good.

You can pick up a digital copy of Portal Knights for $14.99 from over on the Steam store. For further information on the hack-and-slash, build-and-craft multiplayer RPG, feel free to visit the official website.

(Main image courtesy of Ninja Ewok)


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