Police Infinity Slated To Land On Steam Early Access On April 29th

Indie developer 314 Arts upcoming PvP shooter, Police Infinity, is set to land on Steam Early Access on April 29th for PC. Although that’s a month away, the devs published a new test video showing both Counter-Strike GO and Battlefield 3 elements in the new FPS.

The latest game set to land on Steam Early Access near the end of April, seems to be shaping up pretty well. Although Police Infinity still needs some things fixed and polished, for it to be made by a small group of indie devs — that’s not in 2D or pixelated — seems pretty cool. The most interesting thing about the game is the detail to the weapons and how they function.

Speaking of the weapons, they will also feature customizable parts that will affect how they shoot and operate, which spans across pistols, assault rifles and sniper rifles. I’m not sure if shotguns will be added, but from what I’ve seen with the multiple iron-sights and different reloading animations, I wouldn’t be shocked if they added them.

In addition to the mechanics and gunplay of Police Infinity, the devs didn’t say anything about it being realistic, instead they want the game to be fun. They also noted that there won’t be any hit markers either, as noted below.

“Police Infinity, 314 Arts’ first game, is a first person shooter wanting to disconnect from the other casual shooters. With less casualized features (e.g. no hitmarkers) we aim to create a fun game with competitive and casual modes.”

The video footage below is quite old and is obviously in a pre-alpha state, but it shows one of the latest updates with the guns and how they operate. You can skip to 3:35 if you don’t want to see option updates and other interface changes, courtesy of 314 Arts.

Police Infinity Update #4

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Looking over to the newest video that the devs posted, it runs for 19 minutes and shows in-game footage. It’s advised that you turn the volume down some so that your ears won’t experience loud noises while watching the video. It’s also worth noting that they aren’t speaking in full English throughout the video, so it’s basically a visual update showing game modes and gameplay.

Police Infinity Game Testing 18.3.2016 [German Commentary]

Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/themars2011 Music: KotOR 2 OST

Police Infinity will arrive on Steam Early Access on April 29th for PC, and is currently in its pre-alpha state. For more information about this game, you can head on over to 314 Arts’ official site.

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