Neon Chrome, Cyberpunk Shooter Launching Soon On Steam Following Beta Updates

10Tons’ Neon Chrome is a top-down, 3D shooter set to arrive soon on Steam. One of the core features for the title is the local cooperative play and retrowave soundtrack set within a futuristic, cyberpunk society.

At the moment Neon Chrome is undergoing closed beta testing – no Early Access for this indie title.

Some of the beta updates in the most recent patch includes new and improved animations for the characters while standing idly, as well as new voice-overs for the Overseer. They’ve fixed the balancing on some item drops as well as fixed the projectiles for the main weapon and make some modifications to the drone companions in the title.

A lot of these fixes, updates and modifications are all done in preparation of the game’s upcoming launch within the coming months. In celebration of its launch, beta keys have been given out to select members of the press and the new wave of media producers on YouTube. With that said, if you want to see some actual gameplay, you can check out see what Neon Chrome looks like in action as a twin-stick shooter in a cyberpunk setting with some walkthrough videos below courtesy of YouTuber DeathSwagga.

Neon Chrome Complete Walk-through Part 1

Playing Neon Chrome from the very beginning to the very end, without dying. This is the first part of the walkthrough.


Neon Chrome Complete Walk-through Part 2

Playing Neon Chrome from the very beginning to the very end, without dying. This is part 2 of the walkthrough.

It’s like Robotron, Crusader and a side-order of Syndicate.

The loot-and-shoot gameplay lends itself well to the setting and map designs, and there’s the ability to level-up and enhance your character with various upgrades and defenses.

Neon Chrome made some waves back before when it launched into Steam Greenlight and managed to get Greenlit pretty quickly. The four-player cooperative play and character progression fused with the cyberpunk setting and that awesome retrowave soundtrack made it an easy decision for the denizens of Greenlight to vote the game through.

Replayability is one of the prime focuses of the title with the mix of procedurally randomized levels and hand-crafted challenges being mixed together to provide a unique blend of originality and focused mission structures.

With the ability to explore the missions stealthily or balls-to-the-walls style like Tom Selleck from Runaway, and the added co-op and randomization, I’m thinking that Neon Chrome is the kind of game worth keeping an eye on when it launches. All we need now is to find out if it’s worth its price of entries when the user reviews drop.

For more info you can check out the Steam store page or visit the official website.


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