Muse Games Announces Guns of Icarus: Alliance

This isn’t exactly brand new news, but unless you are a fan of Guns Of Icarus Online, you may not have heard the news about their new DLC expansion called, Alliance.

Back when I was playing Guns Of Icarus Online I actually gave it a bad Steam review. The game was really fun and had a great original concept, but playing online was tedious. The long wait queues was one of the problems, but what made it worse was the fact that new players couldn’t properly learn how to fly without being screamed at by their team members for… not knowing how to fly. The tutorial was way too limited to use in the actual game. Myself, as well as several other players, had suggested for a long time to add NPCs so that new players could practice without the pressure of other players screaming at them for making mistakes.

Icarus 3

And now, at long last, Muse Games has finally answered our prayers. Guns Of Icarus: Alliance is their new DLC that was announced to arrive this coming Fall of 2016, and it will include almost everything we have asked for. It is a PVE (Player vs Environment) style game mode for one through sixteen players. You can either fly solo with one ship, or invite your friends to assist you with up to four ships flying cooperatively to complete missions against AI controlled ships and airplanes. The Alliance mode will include different mission objectives, ranging from a cargo delivery, defending your base, or assaulting an enemy stronghold. The new Alliance mode DLC will also include new ships, as well as a powerful set of new weapons to take down enemy ships. Muse Games released a few teaser trailers, so you can watch the gameplay trailer that I linked down below.

Alliance Prototype Trailer

Pre-Order on Steam: The next exciting chapter for Guns of Icarus Online!

The YouTube channel Button Mash uploaded some live gameplay of the new Alliance mode, so you can watch the entire mission in their video down below.

Guns of Icarus Alliance (Co-Op Mode) with the Devs #1

Muse Games gave me a chance to check out Guns of Icarus Alliance (the upcoming co-op mode for Guns of Icarus online) with them, so I brought Tulkas and Alzorath along to fly against the AI in a cool new twist on the already fun and successful airship combat formula.

The new Guns Of Icarus: Alliance mode DLC will be available coming this fall, for about $14.99 USD. Muse Games is currently doing testing that you can sign up for by sending them an email, so a lucky few of you might actually be able to play the DLC expansion before it officially launches.

For more details and information about the new Alliance DLC, you can visit the Guns Of Icarus: Alliance Steam store page, or visit their official website for further details.

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