Mortal Kombat XL Now Available On Xbox One And PS4, But Not PC

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that the extra large edition of Mortal Kombat is currently available for Xbox One and PS4 owners. Sadly, PC gamers have been left out in the cold to suffer with whatever bone Warner Bros., last tossed them… like some kind of scrawny dog picking through the wintery scrap heaps of a dumpster outside of a Chinese restaurant.

The launch of Mortal Kombat XL comes with brand new DLC, including the Kombat Pack 2 characters that features the Xenomorph from Aliens, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bo Rai Cho, and the Tri-Borg. The characters are accompanied by additional balance patches, netcode improvement and performance enhancements. You can see the launch trailer for the MK XL edition below.

Mortal Kombat XL Launch Trailer

Uploaded by Mortal Kombat Community on 2016-03-01.

The trailer has some very interesting comments. PC gamers are filling up the comment thread talking up how Warner Bros abandoned them like an illegitimate kid to a basketball player. It’s one of those situations where PC gamers wanted to support NetherRealm and Warner Bros., but the studios just didn’t want to support PC gamers.

Ryan Sprenkle wasn’t angry, just disappointed that he and other PC gamers weren’t even given the option to play couch versus with the new DLC characters…

“If they didn’t want to give pc the whole new netcode and all that crap for fear the game would break again, they could have at least given us the new characters…seriously?! I don’t even play online. I just want to beat the shit out of my friends on the couch.”

For now it appears as if only console gamers will be able to enjoy the fruits of NetherRealm’s labors as far as the second Kombat Pack is concerned. The flamewars in the comment section of the YouTube video above basically lets most gamers know exactly how the Glorious PCMR feels about Warner Bros at this point.

Mortal Kombat XL is available right now for $59.99 and it features all previously released DLC skins, all previously released DLC characters plus the new Kombat Pack 2 characters, and the all new fixed netcode.


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5 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat XL Now Available On Xbox One And PS4, But Not PC

  1. Treat Warner like the toxic waste of a company their are, they need to bankrupt themselves to understand that burning bridges and taking dumps over their customers is not the path to success so lets humor them

    Its all on the hands of the serial preorderers now

  2. what the fuck is a tri-borg?
    I lost interest in this title after beating the very short story mode. No great loss in my book.

      1. Hahaha okay, fair enough. Seems like ‘quad-borg’ would be a more accurate name (if it didn’t sound stupid).

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