Mirror’s Edge Map Recreated In Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Mirror’s Edge is such an iconic game for both its visuals and its unforgettably challenging gameplay. Well, one modder decided to recreate the entire prologue level in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for PC.

There are some very obvious visual differences between Modern Warfare and the original Mirror’s Edge, which was running on the Unreal Engine 3. The sharpness and minimalist contrasting of the colors are almost the same but the shaders and lighting are vastly different. You can definitely see the differences in engine tech with Mirror’s Edge running in the Call of Duty engine. You can check out the video preview below from Sux Lolz [via r/games/].


According to the YouTube description it took him three months to design the level and it’s not even finished yet. He plans on porting the map to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 when the modding tools become available sometime this spring (assuming Activision keeps to their word).

When the map is finished Sux Lolz plans on giving the map away for free. He also plans on adding additional support for weapons, other game modes and multiplayer game types later on, especially if he can port it over to Black Ops 3.

It would be perfect for Treyarch’s first-person shooter because the game already has free-running features such as grabbing onto ledges and scaling walls and running alongside the side of structures. It’s a match made in heaven if it ever happens. Plus, I would love to see the visual upgrades of how the map would look in the Black Ops 3 engine… assuming everything can render in real-time and it’s not a bunch of pre-baked shadows and lighting.

This would be a nice little alternative to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst if the game doesn’t turn out all that great… and with EA looming over the shoulders of DICE that’s actually a possibility.

The Mirror’s Edge prologue map isn’t available just yet but when it releases it will be made compatible first with Call of Duty 4’s deathmatch game mode. Sux Lolz has a few other worthwhile maps worth checking out for Activision’s first-person shooter as well, including Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64. You can check out the preview below.

MP_DR_SM64 – Preview

Hey its SuX Lolz :] , This map took a lot of time to create it, Enjoy this preview ! :p, New Deathrun Map made by SuX Lolz :] , I’ve remade The Peach Castle and the first level which is called Bob-omb Battlefield, from the original game Super Mario 64.

Sux Lolz also has a few deathrun maps if you’re into those kind of challenges.

You might want to keep an eye on his YouTube channel for news on the official release of the Mirror’s Edge prologue level mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


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