LUX, Survival MMORPG Combines Don’t Starve With Rust

One of the biggest problems with getting e-mails is that sometimes the spam folders decide to eat up the ones you might actually find useful or informative. That’s what ended up happening with the e-mail from the Chimera Company detailing their upcoming, and in-development game, LUX.

The title is a survival MMO that combines the art-style and themes from Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve, but with the survival elements and PvP-esque nature of Facepunch Studios’ Rust.

The game features a set cast of character classes, but players can take them, tweak them, evolve them and customize them through a series of upgrades and equipment gathering. You can see what the developers have accomplished so far and what they hope to achieve through their Kickstarter by checking out the pitch video below.

Just like Don’t Starve, there are a number of different biomes to visit, various enemies to encounter and lots of loot to gather.

As they mentioned in the video above, the different biomes include deserts, wastelands, forests and jungles. Each biome has its own unique series of dungeons to explore, as well as themed enemies specific to those locations. As players continue to explore the world and venture outside their comfort zone, the harder the enemies get, the more challenging the game becomes and the more loot you can acquire.

If you run out of health you respawn at your bunker and you drop everything in your inventory. You’ll have a short amount of time to get back to your dead body to re-loot everything. Hunger is managed by finding or crafting food, or stealing food from other players. And you also have a fear meter that must be maintained by staying out of the darkness.

A lot of this feels like it was ripped conceptually right out of Don’t Starve. So long as the developers can create enough separation between both games then it’s not too bad. Hopefully the MMO aspect will help give the title more of its own identity, because despite the hand-drawn graphics looking great, and the unique biomes like the graveyard standing out from what’s in Klei’s Don’t Starve, the similarities are still a little too close for comfort.

Nevertheless, the concept seems fun, and the fact that they’re designing the game for PC, Xbox One and PS4 makes it a title you can invest in whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer.

Chimera Company is seeking $200,000 to finish off LUX. They’ve managed over $60,000 and they have just over half a month to go before the campaign is finished. If you’re interested in supporting bringing this game to life, you can do so by paying a visit to the Kickstarter page.


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