Lord Of Poker Role-Playing Card Game Seeks Funds On Kickstarter

The LoP Game Corporation recently took to Kickstarter to promote their role-playing card game, Lord of Poker. The game sees players taking on the role of various character classes and battling against other players in PvP and team-based scenarios across various locations in a fantasy land.

lord of Poker allows players to choose from one of four different classes, each with their own special abilities and powers that can be used disrupt the playing field and gain an advantage to the player willing to unleash their power against their opponents.

I’m not really a poker player, but it seems like a cool concept to bridge the CCG genre with traditional poker. The promotional trailer for the game lays out some of the basic concepts of the title along with some of the locations that players will visit on their journeys.

Lord of Poker – Offical Full Trailer

The official trailer of the first role-poker game “Lord of Poker”. Live! on Kickstarter. Support us Now! – https://kck.st/1nxRTLz Official site – https://lopgame.com Twitter – https://twitter.com/rolepokergame Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rolepokergame VKontakte – https://vk.com/lopgame Video by Netyliov Productions Made in Belarus, Minsk

Players will be able to choose between male and female avatars across Druid, Wizard, Paladin and Assassin classes. Experience is earned by making certain combination moves during play, as well as winning matches.

As players level up they can travel to various towns and use their gold earnings to upgrade their skills or buy supplies and craft new weapons, items and magic spells.

So how does the magic work in a game like this? Well, players can cast certain spells that might blind an opponent, preventing them from being able to see what’s in their own deck before they play a card. Other times there might be a spell or attack that will cost them a turn or force them to play a certain hand.

The combat mechanics add a whole new layer of tactics to the traditional game of poker, giving gamers a lot more options to be conniving, strategic and intelligent in how they approach victory in each game. It’s like Hearthstone in a way… but set within the casual rules of poker.

The game recently landed on Kickstarter and the developers are asking for $100,000 to bring the Unity-powered poker title to life. I’d like to imagine that they would probably want to hit up poker communities to see if they would be interested in the game, or try to weed their way into the Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering crowds to see if it’s something they might like to take up. Otherwise this sort of project with that sort of crowd-funding goal is going to be a tough sell amongst the general gaming audiences.

You can learn more about the Lord of Poker by hitting up the official Kickstarter page.


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