King Of Fighters 14 Trailer Unveils The Sexy Luong, Athena And Nelson

SNK Playmore’s latest trailer for King of Fighters XIV centers around three more roster reveals, including the long-time fan-favorite Athena Asamiya, the pop-singer turned psychic fighter.

As pointed out by Gematsu, the other two characters are brand new additions to the game, including the sexy Luong who uses her long legs to whip out some mean combos and a lot of leaping takedowns  techniques using her legs. It’s a little bit like a mix of French foot fighting and some forms of Thai kickboxing. Her style is unique and I would love to see more of it. You can check out the quick glimpses of each of the three characters in the trailer below.


“Athena Asamiya”, & New characters “NELSON”, “LUONG” join the fight! 「麻宮アテナ」、新キャラクター「ネルソン」「ルオン」が参戦! ©SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Nelson looks stupid. Let’s get that out of the way first. The haircut, the tire-print yellow boxing glove and the outfit just looks stupid.

However, Nelson’s fighting style is almost identical to Heavy D’s from the earlier King of Fighters titles. I was hoping we would see a character like Heavy D (if not Heavy D himself) in King of Fighters XIV, but I can definitely make due with Nelson as a replacement. A lot of his in-fighting combinations and hard-hitting hooks and overhands look good. His combos seem fluid and could be a heck of a lot of fun to use in the game.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Nelson is likely going to be ranked as a low-tier character who ends up becoming popular in the FGC tournament scene after being adopted by a high-tier player. He has that underdog vibe going for him.

King of Fighters XIV - Nelson

Athena, alternatively, is typical as ever. Her schoolgirl uniform is no surprise and her psychic abilities are back and will likely be as annoying as ever. She was never a favorite of mine but a lot of other fans enjoy her appearance in each of the KoF outings.

Still, no release date has been set for King of Fighters XIV but the game is coming along nicely enough and the roster easily has me intrigued, despite some of my old-time favorites not making the cut.


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6 thoughts on “King Of Fighters 14 Trailer Unveils The Sexy Luong, Athena And Nelson

    1. There’s still time for them to make some more tweaks to the shaders. I still think they need to focus a bit more on the color contrasts in the lighting department and it will help make the game look more vibrant.

      They need to crush the blacks some more, lower the highlight on the darker colors and increase the brightness on the colors with higher saturation.

      If they can just create a nice, vibrant, cartoon-style look then I think they’ll be okay.

      1. If you look at the screenshots from far away, I’m pretty certain they’re trying to make the 3d look like the original 2d sprites. At the same time, they’re ending up looking kinda bland in comparison to both the original and recent games, as well as other games.

        Well, they were smart enough to fix the horrible background contrast, so they’re probably going to improve the final visual presentation.

      2. You’re definitely right about them almost achieving that original 2D sprite look. Luong almost looks like she came out of KoF 2000. And yeah they’ve mostly nailed down the backgrounds. There’s still a few tweaks they need (not much, just a few) to bring it home and make it feel like KoF.

        Maybe they should rip off of Tencent (since Tencent ripped off of them) and borrow their shader techniques from King of Combat.

  1. Really don’t like how Athena looks. Her face looks especially bad.
    I kinda like the KOF94-97 Athenas most.

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