Japan Responds To U.N. Game Ban Request: Fictional Characters Aren’t Real

Back in February of this year, the United Nations put together a committee to discuss a number of topics relating to issues of sexual violence, fair pay and treatment of pregnant women in the workplace. At the very top of their priority the U.N., wanted to cover the possibility of Japan banning their very popular games, manga and anime that contain any kind of sexual violence against women. Japan’s Women’s Institute of Contemporary Media Culture responded to the U.N., with a very straightforward, uncompromising post.

Niche Gamer picked up a translation of the WICMC post from Reddit user RyanoftheStar, where the English version response from Japan reads…

“We are absolutely in agreement that the protection of the rights of women in Japan is important. On the other hand, we think it should be carefully and seriously evaluated whether the measures taken to ensure those protections are valid ones or not. If we are asked to consider whether “Protecting Women’s Rights in Japan” requires us to “Ban the Sale of Manga and Video Games Depicting Sexual Violence,” then we must reply that that is an absolute “no.”


“Reasons for Our Opinion:
“Reason #1 – The so-called sexual violence in manga and video games is a made-up thing and as such does not threaten the rights of actual people; therefore, it is meaningless in protecting the rights of women.


“Reason #2 – In Japan, and especially when it comes to manga, these are creative fields that women themselves cultivated and worked hard by their own hand to create careers for themselves. If we were to “ban the sale of manga that includes sexual violence,” it would do the opposite and instead create a new avenue of sexism toward women.”

Reason number two is very interesting in the detailed explanation that the post goes further into, because it explains that banning games, manga and anime containing sexual violence toward women would be sexist against women because a lot of them contribute to the industry and make a living in the field of games, anime and manga, such as the legendary Naoko Takeuchi who created the very popular Sailor Moon franchise.

Banning any material that contains sexual violence against women would effectively close down a lot of publishing houses that actually hire a lot of women, thus putting lots of women out of work… all so that the United Nations can feel good about pretending to protect fictional women.

More than anything, it makes the United Nations look racist for not understanding Japanese culture, it makes them look ignorant for not having looked into the employment statistics relating to women in the creative arts field in Japan, and it makes them look sexist for trying to put women out of work.

Then again, this is the same United Nations whose peacekeepers rape and kill kids, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we could add “misogynists” as a descriptor right up there alongside “pedophiles” when it comes time to quickly describe what the United Nations seem to be known for.

The post on the WICMC blog ends with the following…

“As stated above, we cannot say that banning the sale of manga and video games that “depict sexual violence” is valid, even if we were to agree that the goal of protecting the rights of women is correct.


“There is nothing to be gained from regulating fictional sexual violence. However, while you’re trying to fix the rights of fictional characters, you’re leaving the human rights of real women in the real world left to rot.”

And with that, Japan has firmly said “No” to the U.N.’s request to ban games, anime and manga containing “sexual violence”.


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51 thoughts on “Japan Responds To U.N. Game Ban Request: Fictional Characters Aren’t Real

  1. The fact that the issue was even brought up by the U.N. is a disgrace and downright pathetic in the first place.

    All hail Japan. Let’s hope the West follows suit.

    Modern feminism needs to be kicked out of absolutely everything.

    1. The SJW/feminist ideology of giving fictional characters “rights” (which only applies to female characters of course, surprise surprise) is downright retarded and one of the most ridiculous ideas on planet earth.

      They will try to pass it off as some kind of “respect”, “protection” or “decency” thing, but we all know that their goal/intention is censorship and to erode anything that caters to men.

      The simple fact is that fictional characters are not real so they do not need “protection” or “rights”. This is very easy to understand. The problem is that when these SJW/feminist tossers keep on pushing the narrative non-stop, cherry-picking and shoving images of the DOA girls in bikinis at everyone and screaming misogyny, the average drones of society actually starts to believe it.

      The stigma of the label ‘sexist’ or ‘misogynist’ alone makes people afraid to criticize SJW-ism/feminism. I’m glad more and more people are speaking up against it now. Hopefully 2016 will be the death of SJWs and modern feminism.

      1. the only people that throw around misogyny and sexist as insults are feminists
        and they are part of crazy and corrupt movement
        so it should really be a badge of honor to anyone to get called that in 2016, it means you did something this terrible people disliked and they had to resort to name calling against you

      2. You sound like a petulant little child. Probably over 40 though. One of these days you’ll touch real boobs.

      3. How’d you know your mom calls me her white knight after a whole week of taking all that black dick?

      4. you really think you are being witty arent you?
        hate to break it to you, but you are not. its not witty to reply to a lengthy post with “ur mom, get rekt”.
        its pitiful.

      5. How about you and all the perverts just get in one big circle jerk and bukkake each other into oblivion. That way us normal folk can get back to playing videogames without constantly having to hear you pathetic fucking weeaboos crying about a lack of digital tits.

  2. Maybe if they rerelease Sailor Moon but with the girls as 300+ pound hambeasts with the agility of a monkey (but keep Tuxedo Mask super-skinny looks because unlike women, fat men are disgusting) maybe the SJWs will turn a blind eye on the situation.

  3. It’s the most based reply they could have given.

    0 apologies or concessions given.
    In fact it turns the UN’s criticism around and flips it back at them, and manages to sneak some extra burn.

    In a nutshell it boils down to : fictional characters are fictional so there’s no need to protect them, and by trying to protect fictional characters we’d actually hurt the real people whose creative work would suffer as a consequence while simultaneously ignoring those real people that need help.

    It’s pure undiluted common sense. If the whole world could get it then feminism would burn down in a day and we could all just sing kumbaya together and never have to worry about it again.

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      2. You see with 50 shades, you have to be able to read and understand what you read. In anime, there is no need for reading especially is you are watching horrible sick american dub versions of your anime.

  4. Is it any wonder that the majority of good games created today are coming from countries that reject cultural marxism and embrace freedom of creativity?

    Everything coming out of the west feels homogenized and soul-less, and if the U.N. has their way, ALL games will feel that way.

    1. Not just the U.N… we also got Sackless Thunder, a.k.a. Jonathan McIntosh, and his whipping mistress constantly trying to talk up the removal of fun in games. We all expect the U.N., to be useless more times than not, but what really rustles my jimmies are companies kowtowing to loud, privileged, intellectual munchkins.

    2. and feminism
      can’t forget that
      and anglo PC culture
      and even more though at this point when it comes to it, sjw culture, pc culture, all that stuff we see, it’s all a hydra of many heads, a mutated abomination that has spawned from many different destructive ideologies together

      1. and feminism, can’t forget that

        I actually think people should stop trying to separate SJWs from feminists.

        Feminists and their shitty ideology make up the vast majority of Social Justice Warriors.

      2. it’s a complicated matter, there’s no easy way around it
        but not making the distinction does a service to feminists as it would give them a chance to sneak their way out of the argument, and claim for instance that not all feminists are sjw or that not all forms of feminism lead to the same sjw rhetoric

        there’s still people out there who haven’t come to accept how evil feminism is

  5. UN has become this over protective parent who thinks that everything is gonna hurt their child. Because NATURE AND CULTURE FORBID that not everyone are over sensitive hypocritical social hippies. It’s almost like UN want’s to be the next twitter

      1. The UN is the ultimate safe space bubble, you get a bunch of useless politicians that know nothing but politics with extraordinary amounts of free time, a huge salary and no responsibilities living in highly guarded buildings where there are only ppl like themselves.

        Its no wonder their minds start wandering into utopic subjects and first world problems

      2. Ah yeah forgot that part. It’s fine they want to fight rape and pedophilia. But how they think attacking video games, Manga and Anime is gonna help fixing is the bigger question

    1. From what I’ve heard, the U.N. has a long record of screwing over innocent countries whilst defending assholes and promoting war, violence, rape, etc.

      1. Yes.
        And there is always, ALWAYS a twist to it.

        First there’s the public reason, the excuse, the rallying cry of feelings and idealism to take action, but after everything’s done and the real consequences have taken place there’s always someone in a position to benefit off whatever chain of events they initiated.
        It can be as simple as some ong or government organism rising within its ranks and gaining some authority, or a company conveniently placed to profit off whatever went on. Some valuable resource that someone can now take over, or maybe someone is taken out of the picture for them.
        But their actions are often not random or meaningless, they do have a purpose that benefits someone, just not the people.

  6. I’m glad Japan stood up those U.N. bullies. So much for all those assholes who keep arguing that “Japan has no balls”. They don’t even need balls.

    I thought I’d previously mentioned the fact that Japan has many female artists who would be royally screwed by such a ban.

    The U.N. is filled with morons who have such a miniscule scope of the world, that they can’t imagine a country where *GASP* so many talented women freely express their artistic talent and hobbies. Their understanding of the world is shaped by the media, who intentionally skews news to negatively portray every country outside of their own.

    Frankly speaking, such people are severely lacking in knowledge, perception and proper judgment, and should in no way have any influence over others.

    1. Oh, oh…. and when are the U.N. going to address depictions of violence against males? Plenty of examples of that going around!
      Not like the U.N. is busy doing anything else…

  7. -The UN casts “muh soggy knees” hate mail on Japan.

    -It’s ineffective, Japan deflects.

    -Japan flips two HUGE birds at the UN, followed by several massive TRUTH BOMBS.

    – IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!!! Japan demolishes the UN. The Patriarchy has won.

  8. You don’t need precognitive abilities or knowledge of the U.N’s track record as of late to know that Japan’s response would basically amount to “Fuck off”.

  9. Same goes for anime, they hire a lot of women workers

    The ratio women:men in most series is highly skewed towards women (your average harem anime has 5-10 times more women than men), that means lots of women voice actors, and women usually also play children voices

    its funny that they have to explain adults that cartoons are not real, most children understand that already, maybe they should focus their time into making sure their children are properly educated and can properly distinguish reality

  10. No comment. But even if I wanted to make a comment you caused me to shut my mouth when you said “Then again, this is the same United Nations whose peacekeepers rape and kill kids, …” Ouch!

  11. Don’t forget the even more Legendary Rumiko Takahashi. Look at some of her works like Mermaid Saga, Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha, the women in those mangas and anime have violence pushed on them as well.

  12. It’s sad that people from the UN would go to such lengths to protect fictional women until you realize there are a lot people around who regard fiction as reality…*cough*The Bible*cough*anti-vaxxers*cough*Pro-lifers*cough*

  13. Why should Japan do what the UN wants when no one else does?

    The USA completely ignores the UN whenever it feels like it.

    Britain ignored the UN ruling that Julian Assange was under arbitrary detention.

    Israel completely ignores the UN when it comes to the hundreds if not thousands of UN findings against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians.

    Obviously only weaklings and losers pay attention to UN pronouncements.

    No one with nuclear weapons pays them any mind at all.

  14. Oh how ironic if a male rep says all that he be a sexist & mysognist bigot etc etc because as male you question a women feelings.

    But what you get if a woman rep told them you get a seriously bad burn lol. ?

  15. “Fictional characters are fictional” that’s not what the weaboos think. This would’ve actually been a good thing. It would’ve prevented weaboo beta males from watching sexual violence against women, and then taking their frustration out on real women

  16. If my understanding of American PC politics is correct, this means Japan is free to make and sell HATE GAMES!?!?!???

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