Japan Issues Official U.N. CEDAW Response Regarding Ban Of Games Containing Sexual Violence

Japan’s Women’s Institute of Contemporary Media Culture previously made some statements in response to the United Nations requesting of Japan to ban video games, manga and anime containing sexual violence against women. However, the response was located on the WICMC website. The more official response from Japan’s United Nations delegation drafted up an official response that was issued during the conclusion of the seminary on March 7th.

The official treatise response from the Japanese delegation for the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (also known as CEDAW) that took place in Geneva, Switzerland, was published along with the other responses from the various nations that took part in the convention.

You can read the full Japanese response (published in English) with the CEDAW PDF document here. The official committee response is a lot more subtle than the more brash WICMC response that came out a few days ago. According to the representatives from Japan, they issued a response in regards to what Japan would do to address the request from the U.N., to ban material containing sexual violence against women, as portrayed in manga, anime and video games. The response reads…

“Concerning video games and films, self-imposed regulation by the industry and its independent rating organizations have been carried out through ratings and reviews of such media containing sexually explicit and violent scenes or scenes including anti-social behavior, to ensure that ethically inappropriate games and films are not distributed.


“In 46 prefectures, ordinances have been enacted, and a list of books designated as detrimental has been created to regulate the reading/browsing of such material by youths and the sale of such material to youths.”


[…] “To reduce browsing by youths of harmful information on the Internet including pornography, the GOJ [Government of Japan] implements measures to improve youths’ Internet literacy by providing information, raising awareness, and promoting the use of filtering services.“

In other words: Japan won’t be banning video games, anime or manga that contains sexual violence against women.

The response is very pedantic and extremely diplomatic, avoiding getting into any personal nuance or cultural delineations. Instead, they simply focus on the fact that they have laws in place for obscene material and they have enforcement setup to deal with things such as child pornography. Beyond that they don’t seem to show any interest in changing the laws or rules they have setup beyond what was instituted recently in 2014 to deal with child pornography.

As mentioned, this is a very different kind of response than the one issued by the Japan’s Women’s Institute of Contemporary Media Culture. It’s a lot less… culturally charged.

The entire committee regarding the treatment of women in Japanese society (amongst other countries that were participating in the convention as well), actually consisted of some very thorough questions from the United Nations regarding a number of noteworthy topics, spanning the likes of sex trafficking to workplace equality, as well as  services, benefits and domestic abuse laws and mandates.

It’s interesting that the United Nations led their original committee announcement with concerns over video games, manga and anime, but a lot of the questions and concerns raised during the CEDAW convention was actually a lot more serious issues than the rights of fictional game characters. Technically the whole thing about video games was a complete throwaway and it seems as if it served no purpose being included in the list of more serious topics such as child pornography, sex trafficking and the treatment of the elderly in Japanese society.

Regardless, the issue has been addressed by the Japanese both from their cultural institution and from their diplomatic party. Despite the vastly different approach that both groups have taken to address the issue, the reality is that Japan is not going to budge at all when it comes to widely banning anime, manga or video games that may contain sexual violence.


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20 thoughts on “Japan Issues Official U.N. CEDAW Response Regarding Ban Of Games Containing Sexual Violence

  1. I can’t imagine anybody seeing UN as anything but a sad joke at this point. Appointing Saudi Arabia as a head of Human Rights council, seriously considering Anita and Zoe’s whining about mean tweets and youtube comments, that horrendous internet harassment “report”, calling countries to ban media, they are failing at everything, even common sense.

    1. U’N is a joke indeed and Feminism in west is a business at this point. They couldn’t care less about women in other countries

  2. Thank you UN for putting human traffic and videogame depictions of women on the same category of discussion.

    You’re the real MVP, what would we do without you?

    Jokes aside, I liked their more honest response but this one is ok too I guess.

    1. The honest response cut right to the chase and it wasn’t sugar coated with the pleasantries of being “official”… or at least, presented in an official capacity for U.N., delegation. That’s how they should do it, though. They should just drop those kind of truth bombs on the U.N., for real issues instead of always sugar coating it and tip-toeing around.

      1. The wonderful world of politics… I fear (and Japan might be fearing as well) that if they dropped some truth bombs on UN, they will start screaming “muh soggy knees” and move Japan to a Pariah State Status. They’ve already threatened Japan with economic sanctions regarding feminist labor policies and I think the government fell through with it on paper just to shut them up.

        On the other hand, everyone is fed up with UN at this point, maybe being outcast by them is actually a good thing in the eyes of the international community.

      2. Absolutely. Because Japan refused to kowtow to the feminist demands, you can be sure they’ll absolutely go all out to shame Japan using whatever means possible.

  3. >Sent assistance to war refugees in Syria turkey and Greece

    >Demand a country in the middle of nowhere with a completely different culture. bans the sale of “immoral” to the west media aimed for interior consumption and not sold at the west.


    Wtf UN?

  4. Why can’t Western society have the same spine, common sense, rationality and logic as Japan?

    BUT… I do realize that it’s far easier to push back against them in Japan though, because after all, the SJW/UN/feminist fuckwits are located in the USA, which effectively makes them ‘foreigners’ to Japan.

    It’s a completely different story if one tries to push back against SJWs
    in the USA (or most other Western societies), because they’ll be all
    over you like a pack of rats in less than 5 seconds if you have the
    temerity to not subscribe to feminism. Also the fact that mainstream
    media and news outlets side with SJWs just makes it even harder.

    It’s always far easier to push back against an ideology that originates from a different area/country. Especially when your current country’s society (Japan in this case) completely goes against what the SJWs/feminists are demanding for regarding fictional female characters.

    1. SJW/UN/feminist fuckwits are located in the USA, which effectively makes them ‘foreigners’ to Japan.

      Trust me. Europe has plenty of them as well.

      1. Indeed. Cultural problems like these obviously have many causative factor, you can’t exactly pinpoint a main issue and say that fixing that will fix everything else, but if I had to put any problem in the spotlight it would be the unconscious self-hating mentality that permeated much of Europe’s 20th century cultural development combined with a conformist attitude towards central governments.

        In lay terms: lack of pride.

        You can easily spot that if you travel to modern Germany. Germans have a somewhat unconscious guilt associated with the two world wars that is just glaring. And Germany is not the only one, almost all European countries have the same response to much of their own history, be it with their imperialist attitudes from the past or the brutality of their ancestors, making them cast aside all of their glorious works and knowledge.

        Of course, much of that also comes from America, where many Caucasian hating political movements arose, painting the Caucasian man as some sort of monster. And who is the poster child for Caucasian culture? Europe of course. Europeans ate all that for breakfast for more than a century now. It’s bound to create self-image issues.

  5. The difference between the Japanese ministry of women and the S. Korean one is virtually day and night. Japanese be like “We women love to draw smut” while the S. Korean version be more like “We hate porn because it competes with the money men should be spending on us.

    1. I imagine at this point the U.N., will just keep repeating BS and Japan will basically keep saying “No”. I wish the U.N., put this amount of effort into real problems and maybe actually did things about it instead of sitting around with thumbs up their butt.

      1. Sorry for the late response I was getting treatment for foot & mouth disease by SJWs whin tears.

        But you are right the UN Should help out with real life crisis & not some petty vendetta.

        Like USA got it own problems over there with trump & all.

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