Highland Warriors Re-Releases On Steam After A Decade

Back in 2003 a strategy, city-management game called Highland Warriors was released on PC by developer United Independent Entertainment. The game saw players managing their stronghold, growing their population and battling invaders and now they can experience that all over again on Steam… right now.

The game takes place around 1200 AD and centers around the conflict and battle that was brought upon the Scottish lands during the age of Sir William Wallace. Players will have to manage their economy while building an army for war; there are changing seasons and various castles and structures that can be build to stand the test of time.

Highland Warriors is a mix of nation building and real-time strategy gameplay, giving gamers four nations to interact with, each with their own idiosyncrasies and traits. There will be economic, diplomacy and military elements to deal with between each nation.

The game sports four different historical campaigns that total more than 30 different missions. Players can also acquire, craft and upgrade units and equipment for their people as they build up their region.

You can see what some of the gameplay looks like in Highland Warriors courtesy o GmodCaboose56, who offers gamers a few minutes worth of gameplay in the video below.

Obscure RTS Game: Highland Warriors

Another not well known rts game that came out in 2004(I think). I think this is a pretty good game. It just needed some improvements on the animations and graphics. This game was developed by a German game developer called Data Becker, I believe.

Given that the game only recently re-released on Steam there aren’t many reviews available on the game, even though the Metacritic score is 58 out of 100. It’s hard to tell how reliable the Metacritic score is because some games have awful scores but actually are quite fun to play, while other games have great scores and are awful to play.

In this case there’s only one user review in at the moment and it’s a nostalgia-driven review going back to the days when CD-ROMs were still a thing and digital distribution was barely in its infancy.

It’s impossible to tell just how good the game actually is without longer and more in-depth playthroughs. There might be a few more on YouTube but it’s a fairly obscure game. If you’re interested in checking it out you can grab a digital copy for $7.99 from over on the Steam store. If there are a ton of bugs and glitches in the game you might not want to hold your breath for any patches or fixes.


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