GTA 5 Online Patch 1.33 Has An Unlimited Money Glitch

A multiplayer glitch for GTA Online for after patch 1.33 has already been discovered shortly after Rockstar announced on their website that the patch was live. They may have fixed a number of things across the Xbox, PC and PlayStation platforms, but they didn’t manage to find the latest unlimited money glitch for the online portion of GTA V.

YouTuber ShuffleGamer discovered that the glitch for patch 1.33 works for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC versions of GTA Online. It’s slightly complicated at first but once you tag-team with a partner to get the basics down, it’s pretty easy to see how gamers can make unlimited amounts of money by cheating with this new vehicle duplication glitch. You can see the six minute walkthrough of how to perform this online exploit in the video below.


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You’ll need a friend to help you out in performing the glitch. The previous solo versions of similar glitches have mostly been patched by Rockstar since they would prefer you spend real money on their Shark Cards as opposed to wasting time finding glitches to make unlimited amounts of money… then again, that’s not much of a waste of time if it avoids you having to spend real money to have unlimited amounts of money.

Anyway, you will need a 10-car garage. Ensure that you fill up the garage with nine Karin Rebels. The tenth car should be the car you want to duplicate. Shuffle suggests that your tenth car should be a low-rider because they sell for the most.

Now to start the duplication process, have your friend online and start up a session with your friend who is helping you do the glitch. Go to the “Friends” tab in the GTA Online menu and click on the friend helping you out and click on “Spectate Player (BETA)”.

Next, have your friend open up the menu and setup a job to play. You’ll need to have your friend to go to the Rockstar created jobs and do the race job “Against the Grain”. Technically it’s suggested in the video that you can do any racing job where you’re spectating. Keep the settings the same and start the job.

The race will start and all your friend has to do is go to the first checkpoint. Next up, have your friend close the whole game. They can do this by either turning off the whole console or by exiting the game cold. On PC you can open up the task manager and close out the GTA V process.

From here there should be a black screen after your friend quits.

After about 10 seconds on the alert screen, just press a button to close the screen out.

It should put you into a random multiplayer session where you can’t see who you’re with. If this happens then you did the glitch successfully.

Have your friend restart GTA V and enter GTA Online. Have your friend start a closed friend session in GTA Online and then you need to join them in their closed session.

Drive over to the garage with the nine Karin Rebels inside the garage. The car you actually want to duplicate should be in the tenth slot and it should be maxed out in mods so that it sells for as much money as possible. The Albany Buccaneer Custom all decked out can sell for just north of $600,000, so Shuffle suggests to use that for duplication purposes.

Drive the car out of the garage and have your friend stand on top of the car.

Go and steal any random car within the vicinity and drive it into your garage. It should give you a notice saying that your garage is full. You will need to replace one of your Karin Rebels with the random street car you just drove in. What you’ll need to do now is get back into the car you want to duplicate and head out of the garage.

So long as your friend continues to stand on the first car you just drove out, you will notice that now there is a duplicate once you get in and drive your car out of the garage.

Congratulations. You just successfully duplicated a car.

GTA Online Car Duplication

Drive both your cars back into the garage and replace the Karin Rebels.

Rinse and repeat from driving the car you want to duplicate out of the garage and having your friend stand on it while finding a random car and bringing it into your garage.

After you fill up your entire garage with the duplicated cars, save your game and exit GTA V.

Re-enter into the game in a random session and proceed to sell each of the duplicates. What’s more is that after performing the glitch you don’t have to wait for the 45-minute delay in selling the cars. It bypasses the 45-minute wait, so you can rinse and repeat this method to duplicate and sell as many cars as you want.

Don’t be surprised if Rockstar will patch this glitch in the next update for GTA Online, but for now gamers are confirming that it works and are dropping their PSN, Rockstar Club IDs and Xbox Live gamertags in comment sections to form tag-teams to perform the glitch and make unlimited amounts of money.


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  1. Does it work? Cause yesterday another money glitch got patched and i want to make sure i dont waste money on a patched glitch

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