Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front Focuses On Turn-Based WW2 Action

Graviteam’s Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front recently launched on Steam. The game is currently available right now on Valve’s digital distribution service and it features World War II themed strategic combat that puts turn-based tactics at the forefront of the gameplay when in the operations planning mode, while also offering players a real-time mode for unparalleled combat against enemy AI when blowing up tanks and taking out installations.

The game is the sequel to Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star and Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943. There are four large operations for players to partake in featuring real life maps based on the topographical locations and maps of locations based on World War II battles spanning the likes of the USSR, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front features more than 100 different vehicles based on real armament and features realistic combat with advanced ballistic penetration, featuring fragmentation fields and damage based on the conditions of where the shells/bullets make impact and at what angle.

The game also boasts highly detailed damage models for the tanks, some of which are highlighted in a few of the screenshots for the game. This includes being able to damage the engine, disrupt the suspensions, crack the sights, disable the weapons, affect the targeting system and even knock the treads off the wheels.

The tanks and vehicles aren’t the only ones that can take damage. The game’s environment is also susceptible to all manner of destruction and mayhem. Due to the realism of the combat the game utilizes realistic formations and movement patterns, including soldiers and AI that react and behave with situational awareness and strategies based on what’s being boasted as a script that is not “predetermined”.

That almost makes me question if this is the Half-Life of tank games?

You can see 40 minutes worth of gameplay courtesy of YouTube Agrippa Maxentius. Check it out below.

Graviteam Tactics Mius-Front Gameplay

An absolutely phenomenal addition to the Graviteam Tactics series. Might as well be called “Graviteam 2” prepare for MUCH longer battles, intense blood and physics and the addition of planes, yes actually bombers and fighters! I absolutely recommend this game. Don’t forget to add me on TWITCH! And subscribe if you haven’t already.

The general impression from the Steam denizens is that the game is extremely detail-oriented. You’ll find that the gameplay and tank operations are designed for those who really want a detailed and complex strategic tank game.

Given the depth and layers of the gameplay mechanics, many acknowledge that this is not an easy game to pick up and play and only those looking for a serious tank sim will want to give this a go.

Graviteam Tactics: Mius Front is available right now over on the Steam store for $34.99. For the first week of being on sale the game is 10% off, so you can pick it up for the discounted price of $31.49. For further info on the game feel free to visit the official website.


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  1. Discovering all of these overlooked cool little games is one thing I absolutely love about this blog.

    Thanks Billy.

    1. Glad to be service. A lot of these remind me of a time when it was actually fun and enjoyable to be a gamer visiting video game websites. I still miss hopping onto 3Dgamer every so often to see what new demos they would post up. I remember when Devil Inside was first announced and they had some of the first teaser trailers up for the original Max Payne.

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